THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Investigative Journos Needed, Newspapers’ Slow ’07 Start, Bush and ASNE

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader thinks President Bush made a smart move in skipping the ASNE confab, another thinks that U.S. troops were right to delete journalists’ tapes, and some thoughts on why newspapers’ profits are down already this year.


Newspapers Begin 2007 Down

I am sure the usual suspects will be blamed for the decline of revenues as reported by the 5 major news corporations as mentioned in your article: Internet advertising and the general downturn of the housing sector and automotive sales — and of course “management.”

But, frankly, I think it has a lot to do with editorial policy as well. Mainstream news publications these days are becoming synonymous with party-line propagandists when it comes to the handling of real and relevant news. Whereas not too long ago the [word] “Internet” was synonymous with “source of less than reliable information,” the tide has turned — so much so that, except for matters of local interest, the Internet is often cited as the source for real-time, trustworthy reporting of news that matters to the common folk.

Maybe if [newspapers’] editors went back to the good old days of embracing journalistic integrity they would attract more customers. …

Also, I think it is in the publisher’s long-term interest to choose, finally, to be honest and report what their journalists and many editors know to be the truth of the affair, lest they find their institutions so totally discredited that they are eventually consigned to the dustbin of history as being unreliable, irrelevant and devoid of journalistic integrity.

History will judge — and judge harshly — all those who knew the truth and stood silent, or reported the party-line at a time when they should have been standing up for honesty and integrity in reporting the facts..and fulfilling their role as the unofficial 4th arm of government … a FREE Press.

Shai Shahar

Advice to newspapers: staff your paper with investigative journalists.

Myron C. Wheeler


Deleted Tapes

I’m with the military on this one. The press has been known to do things their way and not follow the rules. They say [they are] in the right and, after all, doing it because we the readers need to know. BULL! Just who would they call upon to get them out of a jam? If they are so sure about what we need to know or not, then go to the other side. …

G.R. Williams


Bush Skips ASNE Again

Smart presidential move, dodging the ASNE meet this year. To at least one viewer, Mr. Bush seemed to come close to the snapping point at his press conference Tuesday. Appearing in an arena packed with the country’s most news hungry editors might drive him barking mad at last.

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, Md.

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