THURSDAY’S LETTERS: McClellan Hypocrisy, Media Bias, Stern Arrogance

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers slam Scott McClellan, the media’s liberal spin, Greg Mitchell’s editorial, and Jared Paul Stern. In other words, a love-fest.


McClellan a Hypocrite?

The White House press officer said in relation to the Washington Post’s reporting on Bush’s knowing that Iraq did not have WMD’s in those trailers “…That is absolutely false and it is irresponsible, and I don’t know how The Washington Post can defend something so irresponsible.”

Mr. McClellan can simply look to his own “press conferences” if he needs to understand how someone can say something that is totally false while knowing that not to be the case.

Owl Kopelman
Boulder, Co

You know, McClellan may be right. The Bush administration based it’s trailer WMD claims on the CIA/DIA white paper and that white paper is ridiculous and disgraceful. It contains no fact in support of its conclusion, it contains enough facts to verify that the trailers were, as claimed, for hydrogen manufacture — but the press still hasn’t paid enough attention to that white paper to find any of that out. Maybe a reporter would have to ask someone with a technical background to learn that the white paper is nonsense — but that’s surely not outside the range of behavior for a reporter, is it?

My feeling is that rather than apologize to the White House the representatives from ABC and the Washington Post should stand, walk in front of McClellan, turn, drop their pants and moon him. But I’d settle for continued hard-nosed reporting.

Brad Spencer


So There Are ‘Good Leaks’?

That editorial would get a “d” in a high school AP writing course. Poorly researched, poorly reasoned and dishonest. Who put the kids in charge? Or better, why do they keep drinking the same Kool Aid as Cheney/Bush?

Gary Rose


Biased Press Eggs on D.C. Food Fight

I would love to have a national newspaper delivered to my home every day. But there is no “fair and balanced” paper. The WSJ is okay but is business oriented.

If you can name such a paper, let me know. Otherwise, tell the publishers the truth. We have stopped believing in their liberal spin. Is there nothing that Bush has done right? Are we not at war with important decisions to make on social security, immigration, Iran etc? All the press seems to want to egg on a Washington food fight instead of reporting the issues.

Bob Bartlett
San Rafael, CA


Double-Talking Jive From Stern

On one hand [Jared Paul] Stern (a person under investigation by the FBI and suspended by his employer) seems surprised that others in his business have not rushed to defend him. On the other hand, he states regret for bringing embarrassment to his newspaper and for failing to recognize that Burke was telling the truth when he expressed extreme displeasure about what was being done to him.

Stern talks out of both sides of his mouth. It appears that Mr. Burke tried to go through normal channels to stop his being bullied in the press. Letters and calls to Stern and his boss, contact with Mr. Murdock and correspondence from lawyers were all ignored. So what conclusion do we draw?

Stern’s lack of awareness is his character flaw. It’s arrogance. Had he the power he thought he had, it would have been hubris. The best term that I can ascribe to Stern is that he has a narcistic personality. He feells that he is always right and thus above following the normal rules of behavior for his occupation.

Mr. Stern sometimes acts in the style of the late and truly great Walter Winchell. He is not Mr. Winchell and this fiasco means he will never be.

At a time when the printed page is under pressure from the Internet, what he did was foolish. I’m suspecting his lack of support from other members of his fraternity may also be the result of their lack of respect for him.

Lewis C. Burton, Esq.

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