THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Mitchell’s Analysis of the Press and Lebanon

By: E&P Staff

Today’s letters react to Greg Mitchell’s column about press coverage of the Israeli incursion into Southern Lebanon.


On Mitchell’s Analysis of the Press and Lebanese Casualties

A genuinely excellent piece. I hope you weather the storm.

Mouin Rabbani

Thanks! Finally someone points out the egregiousness of Israel’s criminal air war on Beirut and the silence about it from America’s opinion makers — newspaper editorial boards.

But this neutral — or even positive — attitude about this kind of aerial assault on civilian targets has a long precedent in American newspapers. …

It really is high time American newspapers stopped being cheerleaders for death. Or, worse, sitting on the sidelines with arms folded, quietly assenting to murder.

And thank you for pointing this out!

David Raether

The reason the civilian casualties are so high in Lebanon are due to the Hezbollah cowards placing rocket installations and ammo dumps close to the civilian population.

They do this so they can goad western idiots into writing editorials about how bad old Israel is recklessly bombing civilians.

Perhaps if news people (that would be [Greg Mitchell]) would take the time to find out and report such things, putting the deaths, though tragic, into some kind of context, then news people (again, that would be [Greg Mitchell]), wouldn’t look like idiots for shabby reporting and editorializing.

M. Redden

I think militarists are hungry for war. War is totalitarian. U.S. supplies bombs, arms, and other war materials to anyone who will buy. The more these supplies get used the more money can be made. Militarists are hungry for war. Capitalists are hungry for profit. Didn?t Eisenhower tell us to beware of the Military/Industrialist Complex? Who forgot? Where did this smoke-screened nonsense get started?

Keep writing. Peace comes about when people discuss disputes. Look for the honest people. All the rest are liars. Never give an inch to liars.

Poor dead children cannot be brought to life. Poor parents.

Kay Brown

As a former reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, I thank [Greg Mitchell] for his piece on the deplorable lack of editorial concern for innocent people. Now if only someone could address the outrageous cheering for war by television news.

Frank Sullivan

Thanks for addressing the newspaper’s negligence with regard to the unfolding disaster in Lebanon. What is going on there is nothing less than a war crime. Hopefully, at least some editorial writers will pay attention to your call for fairness – and justice, no less. The slavish parroting of so-called “conventional wisdom” and the lack of critical thinking by both the media and our politicians can only lead to certain disaster.

Peter Greulich
Wakefield, MA

A Note on Mitchell’s Other Work

This fits along the same conscientious theme [Greg Mitchell has] been writing about in terms of editorial page response to our current president:

Nixon resigned after his office ordered the CIA, in June 1972, to force the FBI to kill their investigation of the Watergate burglary/wiretapping. Now Bush stopped an investigation of his NSA wiretapping. And still no calls for resignation, when a sex scandal triggered them for Clinton? I’m, frankly, ashamed of our national opinion media.

John Parker

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