THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Zeeck and Agnew, Blogging With Bush

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers respond to Greg Mitchell’s column about George Bush’s quoting a blog in support of continuing the Iraq War, another wonders whether Spiro Agnew really was the one helping to define the press in his era.


Zeeck and Agnew

Dave Zeeck lumps Spiro Agnew among those who have helped define the press in specific eras over time. Perhaps. But Agnew was using the words written for him by that nattering nabob of political PR, Bill Safire, before Safire became legit and Agnew un-lelgit.

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, Md.


Bush Reading From Blogs

I read all news via the Internet. I am home-bound and not able to read newspapers.

As a result, I do, naturally, read blogs as well. Just like you do. Certain blogs carry cach?, for much the same reasons newspapers do, or, rather, did. Some papers are considered tabloids, others quite reputable. Would you like to know who I read?

As [Greg] Mitchell thinks President Bush, still considered the holder of the most powerful office on the planet, was “reduced” to reading a blog for support of the war, I doubt who I read would be nearly elite enough for you.

Yet Mr. Mitchell reduces himself to recommending the blogs of Iraqis paid by a newspaper corporation? It wasn’t that long ago that it was discovered — by bloggers, no less — that Iraqi stringers, hired by the frankly, whimpering American Press, fabricated not only stories but doctored photos for AP and Reuters, and other Serious News Organizations. If anyone is enjoying, and practicing the principles upon which the First Amendment lives, it is bloggers.

There’s a lesson in Mr Mitchell’s article for people like me, for Americans who grew up reading and watching real journalists. The American Press is nothing special anymore. In fact, you’ve become dangerous to me, for all that you don’t tell me.

I’ll take my chances with the blogs of Our Soldiers, with the blogs by the Iraqis. Relying on you? I don’t think I should reduce myself.

Alexa Kim
Dallas, Texas

Reading the headlines on Google, it felt as if McCain was shoving a turn-around in Iraq down Obama’s throat. Kind of a “See, I told you so.”

Then I ran across the little blip on Bush’s blog quote. And your mention of McCain back-tracking his statements. When the President of the mighty United States of America is reduced to quoting weeks-old blogs to bolster a war he started, you know he’s in dire straits. And when a front-runner within the same party, who served militarily, must reign in bravado, you know something is drastically awry. This should make any good soldier turn askance from McCain.

Thanks so much for the more realistic blog quotes. …

Though America to this point has been spared the agony of the servicemen and their families, and that of uncountable Iraqis, like any war — the reality can never be kept at bay forever.

Mary Marschall

Some day enough of the American people may wake up and refrain from continually electing self-serving liars to political office. When it comes to “star power” or celebrity, the majority of Americans are hopelessly delusional. My own opinion on the Pat Tillman matter is that he had soured on the war(s) and rather than having an NFL player come home and tell it like it is the government arranged his demise.

No one listens very much to some kid from Oshkosh when he complains about the war after his brains have been scrambled or his arm or leg has been blown off but if you were an NFL player in his prime then the rubes will sit up and take notice. It is the way of the world. The Tillman family are correct in stating that there was a lot of concerted maneuvering involved to cover up the real circumstances behind PT’s death. Perhaps Bush’s quoting of the Iraqi bloggers was a misstep?

Ken Wooley
Gunzenhausen, Germany


The State of the Union

Freedom on the march, surging to victory, blah, blah, blah. If Americans were to wake up and/or elevate above their white Euro-American heritage of “we know what’s best” and do more listening to Iraqis and less to know nothing white, male “pundits,” maybe President Pissypants and his hordes of amoral thugs would be frog-marched in leg irons to the gallows.

When the chickens come home to roost for this psychopathic cowboy misadventure, we’re gonna be in a whole heap o’ trouble. How many decades will it take to pay for these crimes?

Jeffrey Weyand

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