THURSDAY’S LINKS: Fox Subpoena for YouTube, Why News Corp. Wants ‘Newsday,’ ‘NYT’ Plots Its Future

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Rupert Murdoch doubts that the Chandlers will be successful in their bid for the Tribune Company, praise for the New York Times’ video obituary feature, and an analysis of what the Times is doing to chart its future.


Louis Hau: Why would News Corp. be interested in expanding its newspaper holdings at a time when papers everywhere continue to lose readers and advertisers? Because The New York Post has long lost money in its pitched battle with the New York Daily News. Acquiring Newsday and merging some of its operations with the Post could help staunch some of those losses. (Forbes)

Twentieth Century Fox has subpoenaed YouTube to reveal the identity of users who uploaded four episodes of the TV series “24” and twelve episodes of “The Simpsons.” (Google Watch)

Rick Aristotle Munarriz: The Times has been beefing up its online multimedia presence lately, and its segment The Last Word that aims to chronicle dead celebrities by having them eulogize their own lives while still alive is grisly yet brilliant. (Motley Fool)

Bill McClellan: The Poynter Institute sees itself as a sort of New Age school for journalists, but here in the hinterlands, where so many memories are soaked in beer and where journalism is seen as a trade rather than a profession we have our doubts about Poynter. In fact, we see it as a halfway-house for failed editors. (St Louis Post-Dispatch)

Protected by family ownership, the New York Times Co. plots its future without retreating from ambitious journalism at its flagship paper, despite the wailing on Wall Street about the company?s sluggish financial performance. It?s bolstering its digital presence and unleashing its futurist-in-residence in a time of wrenching transformation in the industry. (American Journalism Review)

Alan Rusbridger: The future of newspapers is a bit like climate change: there are now far fewer “old-media” deniers. (Guardian)

Global media baron Rupert Murdoch hopes California’s Chandler family can prevail in its bid to take over Tribune Co. He’s just not convinced the Chandlers can do it. (Chicago Tribune)

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