THURSDAY’S LINKS: Is U.S. Iraq War Coverage Too Polarized?

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s edition, reporters in Africa struggle with the ethics of covering the extreme poor impssively, a Gay newspaper guild meets in San Francisco, and a Reuters panel on Iraq finds the news there “too polarized”.


Panel: U.S. Coverage of Iraq Too Polarized Between ‘Good News’ and “Bad News’
“If you write a ‘good news’ story from Iraq you are immediately identified as an apologist for the administration … and if you write something critical then you’re in the other camp,” said Roger Cohen, a columnist for the International Herald Tribune who was recently in Iraq.


Western Reporters in Africa Struggle Over When to Help
With a yawning gap in economic disparity between Western reporters and the world’s poor, the danger is that interviewees will mislead or embellish, hoping it will lead to financial benefit. That would interfere with journalists’ prime objective: Getting the truth.


Gay Newspaper Guild Meets in S.F.
The National Gay Newspaper Guild met in San Francisco last weekend, electing new officers and adding a new member publication. “The significance of the National Gay Newspaper Guild is that it’s an attempt by major papers in the country to work together,” said Thomas E. Horn, publisher of the Bay Area Reporter and host of the meeting.


‘NYT’ Tech Writer Wades Into Murky Ethical Territory
“Few of the professional journalists who’ve contacted me via e-mail to comment on my story about columnist David Pogue, much less any of Pogue’s employers, have suggested his actions were anything less than a serious ethical breach,” writes Matt Smith. “Yet Pogue sought out a public forum in an attempt to dissemble his way around such criticisms, impugning his employers in the process.”


Jailed Chinese Reporter Denies Charges
A Chinese reporter arrested for alleged extortion says the charges were fabricated by a local Communist Party official he had accused of corruption, the journalist’s wife said Wednesday. Yang Xiaoqing, a reporter for state-run newspaper China Industrial Economy News, was targeted after he wrote articles accusing the official of embezzling state assets, Yang’s wife, Gong Jie, said.


Gary ‘Post-Tribune’ Names New Publisher
Murdoch Davis, 52, has been named publisher/editor of the Gary Post-Tribune. Davis will run the newspaper’s news operation, along with Executive Editor Paulette Haddix, and will work as a consultant to the Sun-Times News Group, group vice president for editorial Michael Cooke said Wednesday.


Between Somalia and Iraq Press Learned to Censor News
“Is it news when nearly three years after ‘Mission Accomplished,’ the charred body of a U.S. soldier gets dragged around by taunting Iraqi insurgents and videotaped for the world to see?” asks Eric Boehlert. “According to most American television news outlets the answer is no.”

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