THURSDAY’S LINKS: Murdoch’s Power Waning?, ‘LA Times’ O.C. Office Infested With Mice

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Robert Niles thinks that the debate between “mainstream” and “citizen” journalism should be shelved, Paul McLeary thinks it’s time for the AP to produce phantom source Jamil Hussein, and Yahoo’s news site takes a cue from CNN and mixes up “Obama” with “Osama.”


Robert Niles: Journalism is journalism, no matter who does it, or where, so let’s stop debating the merits of “mainstream” vs. “citizen” journalism. (Online Journalism Review)

Paul McLeary: It’s time for the AP to produce the phantom Iraqi source. (CJR Daily)

Rik Kirkland: Rupert Murdoch is less powerful than you think and not the evil genius you fear. (Foreign Policy)

Now Yahoo News mixes up Obama and Osama. (TPM Cafe)

O.C. office of the LA Times is infested with mice and controversy about how to solve the problem. (Los Angeles Times)

Rupert Murdoch made a star of James Traub. (Forbes)

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