TIME Preview: China Committing ‘Genocide’ in Olympics Push?

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By: E&P Staff

In this week’s edition of Time magazine, coming on Friday, Simon Elegant reports from Beijing, which has been drastically made over in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics. For those who live there, he writes, “the Olympics will signify the transformation of their city?into a place that aims to rival New York or London as an iconic world city of the new century.?

But American writer and filmmaker Laurence Brahm, who has lived in Beijing for nearly two decades, tells the magazine, ?It?s cultural genocide. What?s been done to Beijing in the last few years far exceeds anything done by foreign invaders or Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.?

Also in this week’s issue, Lynn Cheney, wife of the Veep, says, ?When I think back to 9/11, no one thought that we would be six weeks or six months without another attack. The fact that we have been safe for six years is not an accident. History will note the determination with which the President and Vice President pursued a path to keep the nation secure.?

On the negative press about her husband: ?It?s fairly easy not to let it bother you if you know that what you?re doing is the right thing.?

Elsewhere, columnist Michael Kinsley writes, ?The fuss over this MoveOn.org ad is?the result of a desperate scavenging for umbrage material. ? They?re turning politics into a game of ?Mother, May I?? Did you say ?Here is my plan for health-care reform?? Uh-oh, you were supposed to say ?I condemn MoveOn.org?s comments on General Petraeus, and here is my plan for health-care reform.? ?

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