‘Times-Pic’ City Editor to Write Book on Hurricane Katrina

By: Hillel Italie, The Associated Press

(AP) The New Orleans Times-Picayune city editor is writing a book about Hurricane Katrina. Jed Horne’s “Desire: A True Story of Death and Deliverance in New Orleans” will be published by the Random House Publishing Group.

According to Random House, Horne’s book will be ”an insider’s narrative account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that will locate its roots in the culture and politics of the city of New Orleans and in the national politics of oil, homeland security, poverty and race relations.”

No publication date has been set.

”This will not be an instant book,” Random House senior editor Tim Bartlett said Friday. ”This event touches upon so many important issues that it deserves thoughtful treatment from someone like Horne who experienced it firsthand and can vividly capture each moment, but also has the ability and access to provide the critical long view.”

As previously reported by The AP on Sept. 12, the first major book deal related to Hurricane Katrina was signed by historian and best-selling author Douglas Brinkley, who is planning “an analysis and narrative of the ongoing crisis in New Orleans in historical context,” according to his publisher William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins.

The book, tentatively titled “The Great Deluge,” is scheduled to be published by Morrow early next year.

In the first days after Katrina slammed the city on Aug. 29, the paper was published only online. As the levees ruptured and waters rose, staffers fled to higher ground but continued their coverage despite almost complete telephone failure.

The first printed editions came on Sept. 2, when the Times-Picayune, owned by Advance Publications, got assistance from The Courier, of The New York Times regional media group.

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