TiVo Alert! Jeff Gannon to Take Lie Detector Test on TV Tonight

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By: E&P Staff

Tonight’s the night many (OK, at least a few) have been waiting for: The news personality formerly known as James D. Guckert takes a lie detector test — on national TV, no less.

The man with the checkered, male escort, past rode to fame recently as White House correspondent for GOPUSA and Talon News, tossing softball questions at press briefings and then taking a hike. Tonight at 8 p.m on widely available cable channel PAX, Gannon will appear on the show “Lie Detector,” hosted by Rolonda (“Inside Edition”) Watts. Gannon confirms this on his own Web site.

The gimmick for the show, as described on the PAX Web site: “This provocative and often surprising series examines the truth behind real-life stories ripped from the headlines, using the most powerful instrument to detect deception — the polygraph.”

Among the questions Gannon will experience strapped to the machine: Was he fed questions by the Bush administration to use as talking points at White House briefings or was he “just a man trying to overcome his past and pursue a career as a journalist?”

Other guests tonight: a man who wants to prove to his girlfriend that he no longer smokes pot; and one of Sen. John Kerry’s Swift boat colleagues “who says he was threatened by a political operative, fired by his company and is currently broke because he refused to stand with Kerry at the Democratic Convention.”

The PAX site describes the lie detector sessions this way: “Finally, the moment of truth is revealed when the guest submits to a lie detector test administered by Dr. Ed Gelb, a leading polygraph expert in the field who has polygraphed such notables as John and Patsy Ramsey and former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, with the very real results all captured on camera! At the end of each segment, Watts reveals to our subjects whether they have been vindicated or branded a liar and gets their sometimes extreme reactions to the test results.”

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