TODAY’S LETTERS: And Pack Journalism

By: E&P Staff

Readers wrote in today about Steve Outing’s column and pack journalism.

When Journalists Aren’t Happy, the Industry Isn’t Happy
So New Media entrepreneur/genius/guru Steve Outing discovers a Web site where journalists congregate to complain that the companies which pay them aren’t adapting quickly enough to New Media? That people have a problem with their bosses over not getting in step with the vast changes wrought by the Internet? That tech people gripe about the “pressures of the online media landscape”?

Perhaps Outing looked at a different page than I did and I’m not prepared to do a study, but out of nine “angry journalist” postings displayed on the site’s main page this evening not a single one had anything whatsoever to do with “new media.”

Maybe if one of the tech people, or one of the college journos who complain that they aren’t being taught enough about computers or, even, Outing himself explains to people who run print media outlets how to make money from the Internet we’d all be better off.

Mike Hudson
Editor, Niagara Falls Reporter


I enjoyed your piece today.

Jim Hopkins

Pack Journalism
Those stories about pack journalism…the ones that really gnaw at you. They’re true. Oh, not just with the mob coverage of Britney Spears, but now look at two genuinely meaningful issues.

Political reporters joined en masse to follow Barack Obama to the brink of the election. Now suddenly they’ve discovered that there are flaws in the Obama background that need to be explored. That is something they should have been doing at the start. And there’s a problem with their what-did-we-miss coverage now. It is all clearly inspired by the Clinton campaign, which finally got through to the Obama disciples in the press.

And economics writers? For months they’ve been swallowing the fed line that things aren;t really that bad. Any average American knows damn well we are in crisis. Finally, when independent studies show that a recession is indeed under way, they are jumping to be firsts with the news.

When in the world did journalists lose the ability to think for themselves?

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, MD

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