TODAY’S LETTERS: Bush Duping the Press Corps, The Film ‘Redacted,’ Column About Climate Change

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By: E&P Staff

Readers started a new week writing in about Bush duping the press corps, the film ‘Redacted’ and bloggers attacking a Senate candidate. Readers also still had a lot to say about a column about climate change that ran last week.

Bush Iraq Trip Latest Surprise Event Missed By White House Press Corps
Has anyone ever suggested to the White House press corps that they might be less perturbed by Bush?s misplaced appearances if the purported ?journalists? in the White House press corps learned how to report on something more than publicity stunts, photo ops and carefully phrased sound bites?

Ken Bley
Northfield, Ill.

Does it really matter whether the press corps is there or not?

From where I sit these past 6 1/2 years it seems they’ve not done their 4th Amendment duties as overseers of the White House and shame on them.

Thomas Miller

First Review of Controversial DePalma Film on Iraq
Thank you for your review of Brian DePalma’s documentary “Redacted”.

I believe this will prove to be an important film. However, ending the war will come when the Congress stops introducing funding bills which must then be voted on.

As Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has been saying for many months at least, if Congress would simply not introduce another bill funding the Iraq war, the war would end. And there is enough funding already in the pipeline to bring U.S. troops home and start rebuilding Iraq with the help of the international community. Unfortunately, I don’t think the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C. have any real plans to cease the U.S. occupation in Iraq and that is seeping out in more media now, in dribs and drabs.

All U.S. troops need to be brought home, or the instability our presence has caused in Iraq will continue and the U.S. forces we leave in Iraq will be in more danger.

Many thanks again for your attention to this most urgent ongoing crisis.

Sharon Abreu

Bloggers Target Maine Editor And Wife In Senate Race
That editor Mark Woodward’s wife works for Susan Collins isn’t as troubling to me as the fact that he’s board chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. How is that not a conflict if you believe that part of a journalist’s job is to afflict the comfortable?

It’s also disconcerting for a journalist to rely on the “it’s old news” defense, typically used by scalawags the media are reporting on.
The flap points to one value of the blogosphere: With so many one-newspaper towns, the issue wouldn’t have gotten much public discussion otherwise. Transparency is just as good for the goose as for the gander.

Bill Dunn
Middleton, Wis.

I’m glad left-wing bloggers are undertaking this campaign. I think it is a relevant issue. As a political weapon, it will surely backfire on the their party, since there is significantly more in the way of journalistic closeness through friendships, marriages, or other relationships with Democratic Party people than with Republicans.

Given that survey after survey shows journalists to be among the Democratic Party’s most loyal occupational constituency groups, this shouldn’t be surprising; but Democratic journalists and activists are in denial about this situation, so they don’t see it coming when they get hoist by their own petard, so to speak, as in the recent research on the political donations of working journalists.

Mark Richard
Columbus, Ohio

Steve Outing
This guy is a nut case. What he claims is not a consensus. Keep journalism as it should be and seek the truth. This guy is a stain on on this Web site.

S. Foster Bias

Since when has the main stream media been objective? Not for a long time. My hometown newspaper, The Greensboro News & Record certainly isn’t.

If the earth is warming, it is by a very small degree. The earth has always gone in cycles and if we are in a warming cycle, it is because of increased sun spot activity which is supposed to peak around 2012. Don’t any of you global warming scare mongers ever check things like this?

Global warming has become a religious bandwagon that all the left leaning types have jumped on because they have nothing else to believe in.

P. Donahue
Huntington, W. Va.

The article “Climate Change: Get Over Objectivity, Newspapers” states in the 6th paragraph, “… accelerating. Stronger hurricanes, melting glaciers and sea ice, worse wildfires and longer fire seasons, more severe droughts and flooding, and more frequent bizarre weather events overall.”

That last part is a sentence fragment which a so-called journalist wrote and the editors of a so-called mainstream newspaper missed correcting. That is why I get most of my news from World Net Daily which searches for the truth in covering a story.

R. Dobbyn

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