TODAY’S LETTERS: More On The Latest Presidential Debate

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By: E&P Staff

Readers had even more to say about Wednesday night’s Clinton-Obama debate.

Clinton-Obama Debate: ABC Decides Top Issues Facing Americans Are Gaffes, Flag Pins and ’60s Radicals
Thanks very much for your courageous stand for democracy and against pop journalism.

I didn’t see this particular debate, but I’ve seen others like it and read half a dozen reviews of this one by now. I completely agree with you.

I’m an independent voter who is leaning slightly Democratic this year.

Thanks very much,

Andy Allen
Hillsboro, Oregon

The lede to your brief piece on Wednesday night’s Clinton-Obama debate could not have stated the sorry state of that affair better.
The performance of Gibson and Stephanopolous was to serious journalism as, say, Penthouse Magazine is to women’s studies. I simply can not recall a more dismal showing under the guise of meaningful political discourse.

William A. Dorman
Professor Emeritus of Government and Journalism, California State University, Sacramento

I presume you want to be taken seriously. And, I imagine you want to be seen as objective or at least fair. I further assume that you want to be seen and even admired for your professional skills, judgment, knowledge and wisdom.

If my assumptions are right then what the hell are you doing on Keith Olbermann’s pitiful attempt at cable “journalism,” and why would you attack Sean Hannity who is at least the “journalist” Keith, or for that matter, you are? Most important, why would you argue that we, the American public, should be uninformed about whose Obama’s friends and acquaintances are – especially the admitted terrorists and murderers of innocent people?

Royal S. Dellinger
Rockville, Md.

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for everything you are doing. As someone who oftentimes despairs over the poor condition of news coverage in America’s media today, it is comforting to at least know that someone out there is “calling them out” on their disservice to the public.

I’m not sure how much longer this great country can last with a news media that thinks shipping millions of jobs oversees is hunky dory but voicing frustration about it is outrageous.

Benjamin Feldman

You said, “Gibson only got excited complaining that someone might raise his capital gains tax.” without discussing the veracity of the statement, which is why raise capital gains, when it has always raised the income to the Treasury, thereby lowering the deficit? Obama’s socialistic response, i.e., it’s being “unfair” revealed where Barrack’s true agenda lies.

You folks are just too predictable. You didn’t address the fact that the mortgage “crisis” was due to the Congress’ insistence that banks relax lending requirements….yet you consider it a more appropriate topic. Nor have you actually looked at the reality on the ground in Iraq! We’re winning, and you hate it!

You wrote about “few moments in the sun as Obama was pressed to explain his recent “bitter” gaffe and relationship with Rev. Wright (seemingly a dead
issue) and not wearing a flag pin” & “This approach led to a claim that Clinton’s husband pardoned two other ’60s radicals. And so on. The travesty continued.” Why is it a travesty to point out that neither of your two presidential candidates are trustworthy?

One of 21 debates, the MSM actually asks hard questions, and you folks on the left have apoplexy! You want to have only softballs fired at your candidates, but if it’s a GOP candidate, fire away! You folks are just so predictable.

Juli Betz

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