TODAY’S LETTERS: Suppressing Inflamatory Charges, Chinese ‘Daily News’, McCain And President Bush

By: E&P Staff

Readers write in about suppressing inflamatory charges, the Chinese ‘Daily News’, McCain’s age and President Bush.

Congressman Rips Obama — But AP Leaves Out a Lot
Representative Steve King and Pulitzer Prize Winner Samantha Power — these are individuals people assume to have “official” information. And their utterings are just what the loose-hinged so often believe to be certifiably true. It is also the kind of:information” that has driven some to believe they have a “right” to attack a president, a presidential candidate, or another in-the-news dignitary.

Had I been an editor in Iowa (which I was in an earlier incarnation) I would have sat on King’s inflammatory remarks, and I would also pull the plug on Power. Rabble-rousing may be a political activist’s game, but it should never be a journalist’s. Too many us bit into Senator Joe McCarthy’s rabid charges in the mid-century. Let’s not be suckered in again.

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, Md.

‘Chinese Daily News’ Fined $5.2 Million For Running Newsroom Sweatshop
“The ruling was first reported in The Los Angeles Times by Mariel Garza, and in The New York Times by Rebecca Cathcart.”

I’m pretty sure I’m the only Mariel Garza working in L.A. journalism (In fact I believe I’m the only Mariel Garza outside of Texas) and I don’t work for the LA Times. In fact, as you can see from my signarture, I’m not a reporter but an opinion writer for the LA Daily News.

But it was quite amusing to see my name in the story about journalistic sweatshops.

Mariel Garza
Editorial writer/columnist
Los Angeles Daily News

McCain Gets Big Prize, Hillary Takes Three
Readers baffled by a recent surge of media stories hinting darkly about Senator John McCain’s mature age or temperament — shouldn’t worry that they were somehow left out of the loop on a crucial developing news story.

It’s just that the mainstream news media have now reached agreement on the “spin” they will use to undermine this election season’s Republican presidential candidate, and are perhaps pressing ahead a bit too abruptly with their trademark legerdemain. And if it all seems too sudden a shift from their erstwhile praise of the maverick senator who’s so often a convenient vehicle for sniping at the Bush administration: please understand that November will soon be upon us and the press must be about their Democrat partisan business!

Rest assured that Senator McCain remains his essential, decent self; We’re only being asked to revile him for the balance of the campaign season.

Ron Goodden

Bush Sings for Journos at Final Gridiron Dinner
On your home page is a link to a story about President Bush serenading Beltway journalists to the tune of “The Green Green Grass of Home.” Another link says “Hidden Toll in Iraq: 70,000 U.S. Soldiers Suffering from Hearing Damage.”

A tone-deaf journalistic establishment laughs at Bush “searching” in his office for WMDs, at dirty trickster Karl Rove dancing like a puppet on strings held by Grover Norquist and, when it comes down to it, at the American people who yearn for truth and accountability instead of fear and loathing. The journalists sit in stunned silence when Stephen Colbert gives them the real truth.

Oh that Bush insiders like Scooter Libby and Colin Powell and George Tenet and Condi Rice, who also know the real truth, would sing. Then we could put this legacy business and comparisons to Truman and Churchill and Lincoln to rest forever.

Bill Dunn

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