Tony Snow Repeats: WH Won’t Pull ‘NY Times’ Credentials

By: E&P Staff

He’d already offered assurances once before, but the question came up again today at the daily briefing conducted by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow: Is he tempted to pull the credentials for New York Times reporters — or to at least stop speaking to them — after the dust-up over the newspaper publishing information about secret surveillance programs?

Once again, Snow said no.

To watch a video of the entire press briefing, click here. Below is the relevant passage from the transcript (which takes place approximately 25 minutes into the videocast).


Q: Financial Review Magazine recommends that the White House pull the credentials of The New York Times, while nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas recommends that you “refuse to speak with Times reporters on grounds that they can’t be trusted.” Since Cal Thomas quotes you, Tony, admiringly, could you tell us why The New York Times was invited to the dinner for Japan’s Prime Minister, when almost all of the rest of the White House reporters were not invited?

SNOW: Well, as you know, those are hot tickets and [Times reeporter] David Sanger has a long history with the Japanese, he even speaks fairly passable — according to him; I don’t know — (laughter.) Do you think Sanger’s Japanese is okay?

Q: He says his wife’s Japanese is much better than his.

SNOW: Okay. And, frankly, what Sheryl and Jim and the White House correspondents — we think they do their jobs; they do it fairly, they work hard and they try to get it right.

So I’m not going to kick them out — and I still love Cal.

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