‘Toronto Star’ Reporter Injured In Afghanistan


(AP) A Canadian reporter was injured Monday when an explosive device was tossed into her car as she rode toward the scene of fighting between the U.S.-led coalition and Taliban and al-Qaida forces.

Kathleen Kenna of the Toronto Star was badly injured in the leg, said Mary Deanne Shears, the newspaper’s managing editor. The injury was not life-threatening, according to a Toronto Star photographer traveling with Kenna.

Kenna was taken to a U.S. military compound in the area, Shears said in Toronto. “Our attention right now is to get her the medical attention she needs,” Shears said.

Bernard Weil, the photographer who was with Kenna when she was injured, said the explosive device — perhaps a grenade — slammed against the side of the car, shattering windows.

“The windows exploded,” said Weil. “I jumped out. I tried to put myself between the car and the culprits.”

Kenna’s husband, Hadi Dadashian, and an Afghan driver also were in the car but were not injured, Weil said.

Kenna was first taken to the hospital in Gardez, then transferred to a U.S. military medical installation. Shears said she believed Kenna was transferred again, but she was unsure where.

The 47-year-old Kenna opened the Star‘s South Asian bureau in September and almost immediately began covering the war on terrorism. She has been with the newspaper since 1981.

Kenna’s husband is a free-lance photographer who also serves as a translator, Shears said.

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