TRAIL MIX: Best from Campaign Blogs for Thursday

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today’s wrap-up on campaign doings and undoings.

We Can Change the World
The Peek
Denver Post
By Bill Husted

If the people at “Come Up To Denver” have it their way, perhaps some of their followers will nab a couple of Hillary’s extra hotel rooms (see yesterday’s Trail Mix) and head to the Mile High City for the ‘DNC Counter-Convention’ — an event the group is touting as a “networking opportunity for activists around the country,” says Bill Husted in his post today at The Denver Post?s The Peek. The Come Up To Denver Web site is home to video featuring a clever rewrite of one of Graham Nash’s ‘Chicago’ songs — a tune inspired by the “turbulent” 1968 Democratic National Convention — and dishes out a smattering of compelling scenes from Abu Ghraib, anti-war protests, Washington and, of course, Denver.

The Case for Tim Pawlenty
The Fix
Washington Post
By Chris Cillizza

The Veepstakes continue over at The Washington Post’s The Fix, with Chris Cillizza pointing out that today’s trip by McCain to Minnesota is “sure to stoke the rumor mill” about Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s chances of filling the GOP nominee’s VP spot. Today’s post takes a look at why McCain should pick Pawlenty, and tomorrow’s posting will serve up the opposing case.

Mother Reacts to Obama Headscarf Ban
The Swamp
Chicago Tribune
By Katie Fretland

Ever wonder if those people seen oohing and ahhing behind your favorite candidate were strategically arranged behind the podium to make some sort of statement about that person’s supporters? Well, it appears that notion was confirmed at Monday’s Obama rally in Detroit. Today’s post by Katie Fretland at the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp, describes an exchange between an Obama campaign volunteer and a young woman wearing a Muslim headscarf: “A campaign volunteer told a friend of (the woman) that she could not sit behind the podium where Obama spoke if she wore her hijab ?” The family, who believes that the Illinois Senator wasn’t aware of the situation, is holding off on ditching Obamamania altogether and is hoping for a personal apology, says Fretland. “Scarfgate” does have a ring to it.

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