TRAIL MIX: Best from Newspaper Blog Obama-McCain Coverage

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

And the can-pain campaign goes on. Today’s picks.

McCain Pays a Call, Novak Feels Wronged
Beltway Confidential
Houston Chronicle
By Jules

Among the campaign tidbits listed in Jules’ recent post at the Houston Chronicle’s Beltway Confidential, is the McCain-Novak-Veep soap opera. According to Jules, Novak, whom she calls the “prince of darkness” stirred up a media frenzy when he reported that McCain would likely make his VP announcement this week. “Novak now believes he was intentionally misled by sources in the campaign, who were trying to steal some focus from Obama. That’s just wrong!” said Jules. Check out her post to view the Fox News video starring Novak.

RNC Ad Attacks Obama on War Spending
The Swamp
The Chicago Tribune
By Katie Fretland

“John McCain will reach out to the residents of the mini Berlins today — the cities named Berlin in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire — with a new radio advertisement to coincide with opponent Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin, Germany,” said Katie Fretland in her post at The Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp. According to Fretland’s post (which features the new ad), “the ad attacks Obama for his May 2007 vote against a $120 billion appropriation bill, mostly for war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. The legislation passed 80-14.”

Sunny Skies for Obama
Political Intelligence
The Boston Globe
By Foon Rhee

While Obama enjoys “partly sunny skies and a nice day in the low 80s” in Berlin, Germany, Hurricane Dolly rained on McCain’s parade and forced him to cancel an event on an oil rig off the Louisiana coast,” according to Foon Rhee’s post at The Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence. McCain was set to make the case for offshore drilling, but instead he’ll “hold yet another town hall meeting in Ohio,” said Rhee.

Boosters: Dem Convention Crowds a Draw
Politics West
The Denver Post
By Stephen Keating

To all those Denverites hemming and hawing over the inevitable DNC-induced traffic rolling in this August and who are considering avoiding the convention altogether, Denver officials ask: Ten years from now, do you really want to miss being a part of history because traffic was bad? According to Stephen Keating’s post at The Denver Post’s Politics West, “two civic boosters” spoke Wednesday and encouraged local residents to get out and enjoy the convention, which they tout will make Denver “one of the safest places in America” for its duration.

Obama to Address House Democrats Next Week
The Trail
The Washington Post
By Shailagh Murray

“Sen. Barack Obama will address the White House Democratic Caucus on Tuesday at the group’s weekly closed-door strategy meeting, a chance to rally the rank-and-file lawmakers before the campaign revs up this fall,” according to a post by Shailagh Murray at The Washington Post’s The Trail. A senior Dem aide said this visit would mark Obama’s first appearance at a session since becoming a presidential candidate.

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