TRAIL MIX: Democrats ‘Hide’ the Homeless, While Romney Eats His Campaign Loans

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Obama! McCain! Who will it be? Good thing readers have newspaper political blogs to help them follow the ups and downs of the race. Here are Thursday’s highlights.

How Denver Will Hide Its Homeless During the Democratic National Convention
Top of the Ticket
The Los Angeles Times
By Kate Linthicum

For some protesters, the Democratic National Convention means leaving a humble abode for tents in the great outdoors. For the city’s homeless, on the other hand, the convention is their ticket to getting off the streets and heading to the movies or perhaps the Denver Zoo — if only for those few days. According to a post by Kate Linthicum at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket, “all the events will be free to them, funded by Denver Road Home, a branch of the mayor’s office dedicated to ending homelessness in the city.” Linthicum goes on to ask,
“So is this a Democratic Party ploy to sanitize the streets during the quadrennial political pep rally and nomination of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama? To keep the vagrants out of sight while the cameras roll?” Check out the rest of her post for the Obama camp’s response.

Romney Will Eat Campaign Loans
Political Intelligence
The Boston Globe
By Michael Kranish

Since bowing out of the Republican nomination, Romney has swallowed more than just his pride as his debt soon followed suit. “Mitt Romney, whose prospects to be John McCain’s running mate appear on the rise, is preparing to formally declare he will not seek donations to repay $45 million in personal loans he made to his failed presidential bid — the biggest ever made by a candidate in a primary campaign,” said Michael Kranish in a post at The Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence.

In Nebraska, McCain Fights the “Headwind”
The Trail
The Washington Post
By Juliet Eilperin

“You know Sen. John McCain thinks he’s in a tough presidential race when he worries about losing Nebraska this fall,” writes Juliet Eilperin in her post at The Washington Post’s The Trail. McCain, speaking at a fundraiser yesterday in the Cornhusker State, said he wasn’t underestimating Obama’s ability to gain support there. “We are not taking the state of Nebraska for granted. I’m gong to campaign here, and compete here, and I need your help,” said the Arizona senator to supporters at the event.

Sam Nunn Says Czechoslovakia Too
The Swamp
The Chicago Tribune
By Katie Fretland

Apparently a few people on the campaign trail didn’t get the memo that Czechoslovakia no longer exists. First it was McCain who blundered and spoke of the former country (which divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia), and yesterday it was Sam Nunn, a possible Obama veep contender, who made the slip. “His reference to the former country, which split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, was the third mention of Czechoslovakia during campaigning this week. On Monday and Tuesday, McCain said he was concerned about Russia’s reduction of oil supplies to the former country after an agreement with the United States on a missile defense shield,” according to Katie Fretland’s post at The Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp.

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