TRAIL MIX: From Newspaper Blogs — Obama Catches ‘Arcade Fire’

By: Emily Vaughan

When alternative band The Arcade Fire came out in support of Barack Obama, it looked like another controversy was brewing between the Democratic contenders. The New York Times reported the Clinton camp launched an anti-immigrant campaign, noting that the band is from Canada. But Juliet Ellperin and Rena Kirsch at’s The Trail did some fact checking, and found out that not only are the band members all from different places in the United States and Canada, but Clinton communications director Rick Wolfson insisted they wouldn’t attack The Arcade Fire, but he was sad the band went for Obama.

Bill Richardson may have taken a step closer to the Obama camp. The New Mexico Governor, who has been heavily courted by both Clinton and Obama for an endorsement, suggested that the candidate with fewer delegates after the March 4 primaries should drop out of the race, says Don Frederick at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket. Polls generally have Obama ahead by more than 100 points.

Clinton is losing ground in the March 4 states. A new Zogby poll conducted Friday and Saturday now has Obama ahead in both Ohio and Texas, reports Mark Memmott at USA Today’s On Politics. However, the results are still within the three-point margin of error.

In these final days before the crucial March 4 primaries, Clinton is wasting no time on sleep. After arriving in Toledo, Ohio, after midnight, she was up at dawn and shaking hands Chrysler’s Toledo North Assembly factory, says John M. Broder at The New York Times’ The Caucus.

John McCain flexed his cooking muscles, throwing two barbeques for reporters and elected officials at his home in Arizona, says Jill Zuckman at the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp. McCain grilled chicken and ribs over two grills and was even willing to share his recipe and grilling secrets.

The Democratic candidates’ election night schedules may be hinting as to where they feel strongest. Clinton plans to speak in Columbus, Ohio, and hold a rally in Toledo, Ohio today. Obama will spend the next two days in Texas, and speak on election night in San Antonio, says Foon Rhee at the Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence. Obama has been ahead the polls in Texas, and Clinton has maintained a narrowing lead in Ohio, her best shot at a March 4 win.

Software firm Knowledgis released its fourth annual “Power Rankings” of members of Congress, and found that the three remaining presidential candidates with a shot at the nomination, Clinton, McCain, and Obama, were ranked in that order, says Mary Ann Akers at’s The Sleuth. The list, which was released today, puts Clinton at No. 9, with McCain and Obama following at 10 and 11 respectively. Clinton’s high ranking has a lot to do with the $342 million of earmarks she obtained last year.

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