TRAIL MIX: Highlights from Coverage of Obama-McCain Race

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today’s top picks from newspaper blogs covering the presidential election:

Ohio Official Rethinks Plan to Ban “Sleepovers” for Voting Machines
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

In Ohio, the future of slumber parties between voting machines and the state’s election workers hangs in the balance, according to a post by Mark Memmott at USA Today’s On Politics. While Ohio had been “planning to ban ‘sleepovers’ for voting machines — a long-time plan that allows the state’s election workers to take machines home with them the night before a vote,” some local officials are asserting that the overnights allow for faster set-ups on Election Day, says Memmott, citing an AP report.

Obama Belatedly Makes the Ask for Clinton
The Trail
The Washington Post
By Perry Bacon Jr.

Obama had nearly stepped away from the podium at a New York fundraiser when he returned to the mic and urged supporters to help alleviate Clinton’s debt — “another financial obligation he has taken on,” said Perry Bacon Jr. in his post at The Washington Post’s The Trail. With Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ playing in the background, Obama said, “Hold on a Second ? one more thing ? Senator Clinton has some debt ? I would be very grateful if you looked under your chair, there should be an envelope or a pledge sheet or something,” according to Bacon Jr.

McCain Squirms on Birth Control Question
The Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
By Elizabeth Holmes

“While John McCain often embodies an anything-goes attitude when talking to reporters, it doesn’t mean some subjects can’t make him sweat — say, birth control,” said Elizabeth Holmes in her post at The Wall Street Journal’s The Washington Wire. Apparently, a female L.A. Times reporter asked the Arizona senator his thoughts on including birth control in insurance plans. “When McCain was asked for his position on the issue, he said — with a nervous laugh — ‘I certainly do not want to discuss that issue.'” Read the rest of the awkward exchange on Holmes’ post.

TV Angst Over Obama’s Move to Stadium
Politics West
The Denver Post

Some major TV networks are considering reducing their coverage of the DNC following Obama’s announcement that he will accept the nomination on the fourth night of the convention at Invesco Field, rather than at the Pepsi Center — the site of the first three nights and the location initially planned for the acceptance speech, according to a report by The Denver Post’s Politics West. Check out the Politics West post for a video interview with Steven Alper, a technical adviser to ‘NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,’ who “rates his worries about the Invesco move at ’10-and-a-half on a scale of 1 to 10.'”

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