TRAIL MIX: McCain, Obama to Deliver Critical Speeches Today

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

As the race for president heats up, newspaper political blogs work to keep readers abreast of new developments. Here are some of Tuesday’s highlights.

Obama’s List of VP No-Thank-Yous Grows; Now, Jack Reed
Top of the Ticket
The Los Angeles Times
By Stuart Silverstein

The list just keeps getting longer as yet another “prominent Democrat has taken himself out of the vice presidential derby,” according to a post by Stuart Silverstein at The L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket. According to Silverstein, “Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a West Point grad set to accompany Barack Obama on a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan, called the VP slot a ‘position which I have no interest in.'” Check out the Top of the Ticket post to find out which other Democrats have emerged as adamant naysayers to the veep spot.

Obama Urges NAACP to Insist on ‘Responsibility’
The Trail
The Washington Post
By Perry Bacon Jr.

To the admiration of some and the chagrin of others, Obama reiterated his call for “blacks to take more responsibility for their lives” in his speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, according to Perry Bacon Jr. at The Washington Post’s The Trail. In his post, Bacon Jr. offers the reaction of some of Obama’s backers, including Jesse Jackson — who just last week said the Illinois Senator is guilty of “talking down to black people.”

McCain, Obama Tie on Iraq: Poll
The Swamp
The Chicago Tribune
By Frank James

It’s neck-and-neck for McCain and Obama in terms of voter support for their position on U.S. troops in Iraq. “Voters appear evenly split on whether or not there should be a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, according to a Washington Post and ABC News poll,” said Frank James in his post at The Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp. Apparently about half of the respondents favored a timetable, while the other half didn’t. The poll also showed that “47% of those surveyed said they trusted Sen. John McCain, the all-but-official Republican nominee, on Iraq while 45% said they trusted Obama,” according to James.

Obama Will Spell Out Five Goals for Keeping the Nation Safer; McCain Will Rap His Rival’s Decision-making
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

Today’s a big day on the campaign trail as both Obama and McCain are set to deliver addresses in Washington and Albuquerque, respectively. Obama’s campaign is saying his speech will be “a major policy address on national security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and that the Democratic presidential contender will say that “if he becomes president he’ll have a five-part strategy for making the nation safer,” according to today’s post by Mark Memmott at USA Today’s On Politics. As for McCain, he plans to use a town hall meeting to “again criticize his opponent for developing such a strategy before going on a fact-finding mission to the war zones.” Take a look at Memmott’s post for some excerpts that the campaigns have released from the planned speeches.

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