TRAIL MIX: Monday’s Highlights from Newspaper Political Blogs

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

McCain? Obama? Who’s ahead? Who’s making strides? Here are some highlights from the campaign trail, as reported by newspaper political blogs.

Barack & Michelle Obama as the “Brangelina of the Political World”?
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

If you’re going to throw yourself into the media machine, you’d better be good at garnering publicity — and if you’re running for president, you may as well take a cue from spotlight-stealing celebs. “As Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife have made the rounds of People magazine, The View, Access Hollywood and other celebrity-based media, former Glamour and Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller has become convinced: ‘Team Obama has a clear and clever presidential marketing strategy: present Michelle and Barack as the beloved Brangelina of the political world,’ she writes for Advertising Age,” according to a post by Mark Memmott at the USA Today’s On Politics. Check out Memmott’s post for an excerpt from Fuller’s piece.

McCain Supports Arizona Proposal to Ban Affirmative Action
The Trail
The Washington Post
By Robert Barnes

McCain said he supports “a proposed initiative on the November ballot in Arizona that would ban preferential treatment on the basis of race in public education, jobs and contracting, an apparent change in his position that such attempts are divisive,” said Robert Barnes in a post at The Washington Post’s The Trail. Check out the rest of Barnes’ post for excerpts from an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in which McCain tackles questions on the subject.

Barack Obama on the World
The Swamp
Chicago Tribune
By Mike Dorning

Barack Obama is back on North American soil after a nine-day tour abroad, but before his feet were firmly planted on the campaign trail, he sat down with Tribune correspondent Mike Dorning on the flight home. “Shelling pistachios and popping them into his mouth as his campaign plane crossed the Atlantic, he spoke about how an Obama presidency could change America’s image abroad, speculated on how the trip will play out politically at home, and defended himself against criticism that the international tour was presumptuous,” according to a post by Dorning at the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp. Visit his post for an edited version of the interview.

Staunch Hillary Clinton Delegate Axed by Wisconsin Party
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Andrew Malcolm

In politics, the filter between the brain and the mouth is essential. Unfortunately for Debra Bartoshevich, “the duly elected Democratic Party delegate for Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin who vowed undying loyalty to the former first lady,” that filter failed and “residual anger about the treatment of Clinton by her party” led her to say something her party simply couldn’t stand for: “come Nov. 4, she was going to vote for John McCain, who is not a lifelong Democrat,” according to a post by Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket. “Well, they got her,” said Malcolm, adding that Bartoshevich “has been dumped by the state party and barred from attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver next month. ? According to the Associated Press, the state party’s administrative committee has officially whacked Bartoshevich from the 92-member delegation.”

Obama Addresses Journalism Convention
The Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
By Corey Dade

For once, the desired reaction at an Obama event wasn’t a standing ovation — and despite the Unity of Journalists of Color convention organizers’ attempts to encourage attendees to “maintain professional decorum,” the guests could not contain their enthusiasm for the candidate. The audience of minority journalists had been told to keep their cool in order to “prevent any perception that they are biased in favor of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee ?Yet when Sen. Obama emerged from a curtain on stage, the audience of more than 2,000 bolted to its feet, cheered and whistled,” according to a post by Corey Dade at The Wall Street Journal’s The Washington Wire.

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