TRAIL MIX: Obama, McCain and a Whole Lotta ‘Whining’

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

E&P’s Friday picks from the campaign trail, as reported by newspaper political blogs.

The Early Word: Show Me the Money
The Caucus
The New York Times
By Michael Falcone

Obama continues to out-fundraise McCain, raking in about $30 million last month compared to McCain’s $22 million, said Michael Falcone in a post at The New York Times’ The Caucus. Falcone mentions The Wall Street Journal’s take on the numbers (that the numbers are “underwhelming”) as well the Times’ recent report that “both the Obama and McCain campaigns have been slow to release lists of their top fundraisers or bundlers.” Falcone adds that “in response to an inquiry from the Times, the Obama campaign added 181 names to its existing list of 328 bundlers.”

Unhappy with McCain, Obama, Paul? Name Your Nominee Here
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Andrew Malcolm

Not so pumped about your picks for prez? Go ahead and nominate someone else — and make your own election news. Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket posted a link to a reader-submitted Web site that “lets you nominate anyone for president (insert name here) and incorporates their name in a most realistic TV news video report.” Catch a sample of the scheme at Malcolm’s post and then start pranking friends and family.

Campaigns Know There Are Votes Overseas, Too
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

On a more serious note, “millions of Americans abroad, including about 175,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, face chronic timing and technological problems if they try to vote in this fall’s presidential election,” according to Mark Memmot’s post at USA Today’s On Politics, citing a front-page article in today’s paper by Rich Wolf. Check out Memmott’s post, featuring excerpts from Wolf’s story, and find out how privacy concerns and late state-office primaries are likely to compound to delay the mailing of absentee ballots.

McCain Surrogate: U.S. a Nation of ?Whiners?
Political Intelligence
The Boston Globe
By Scott Helman

Former senator and leading McCain supporter Phil Gramm delivered a “gift” to the Obama campaign in the wake of the Jesse Jackson flare-up by calling Americans “whiners” when it comes to the economy, says Scott Helman at The Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence. In his post, Helman describes the interview with the Washington Times in which Gramm “veered dangerously off-message by downplaying the economic anxieties being felt by millions of American families.” Read Helman’s post to find out how the McCain and Obama camps are reacting.

McCain Launches Immigration Ad Targeted at Hispanics
The Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
By Susan Davis

“McCain’s campaign released a new ad, ‘God’s Children,’ today, tailored to Hispanic audiences that will run in the three Western swing states of Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico,” according to a post by Susan Davis at The Wall Street Journal’s The Washington Wire. The ad shows McCain at a 2007 debate performance in which he “extols the contributions Hispanic immigrants have made in the U.S., particularly through military service,” said Davis. Watch the new ad on The Wire.

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