TRAIL MIX: Obama’s Trip Abroad — and McCain’s Day, Measured in Minutes

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Is Obama ready for the world stage? How does John McCain spend the minutes in his day? Check out today’s newspaper political-blog highlights for some answers.

Political Perceptions: Barack Obama’s High-Stakes Trip Abroad
The Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal

Obama’s upcoming trip abroad could be just what the presidential candidate needs to quash questions about whether he would make an effective commander-in-chief — but the trip overseas could just as well do the opposite as any missteps would only feed the fire, as pointed out in a post by The Wall Street Journal’s The Washington Wire. Citing a recent piece by Slate’s John Dickerson, The Wire said, “If all goes well, ‘the trip to Europe presents the best chance Obama may get all campaign long’ to address worries he isn’t ready to be commander in chief. ‘At the same time, the trip poses big risks’ — namely that he might commit a ‘big gaffe,’ that he will look too chummy with Europeans who look down on the U.S., or that he shows too much ‘hubris’ on the trip by acting as if he’s already got a job voters ‘haven’t given him yet.'”

Biden Criticized Obama on Afghanistan
The Swamp
Chicago Tribune
By Katie Fretland

You never know what comments are going to come back and bite you in the rear, and some remarks by Sen. Joe Biden on Obama’s plan for Afghanistan are doing just that, according to a post by Katie Fretland at the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp. “Before Sen. Joe Biden became an oft-mentioned candidate for a spot on the Obama ticket, he campaigned against him for the Democratic nomination for president. During that time, the Delaware Democrat said Obama had a “Johnny-come-lately” position on Afghanistan by asking for more brigades last summer,” said Fretland, adding later that “Biden’s contradiction caused the Republican National Committee to issue this statement Thursday: ‘Thank you, Sen. Biden, for proving the point that Barack Obama has no credibility on Afghanistan.'”

The Secret Hidden Within John McCain’s Campaign Schedule
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Andrew Malcolm

“You can tell a lot about any political campaign by how it invests its most precious resource: the 1,440 minutes in each candidate’s day,” writes Andrew Malcolm in his post at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket. Curious about how McCain will spend many of his precious minutes in upcoming days? Check out Malcolm’s piece as it features an edited current schedule for the McCain campaign — and read what Malcolm has to say about how the agenda seems to reveal the camp’s top priority.

In Denver, Protesters and Police are Getting Ready
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

Activists planning to stake out the DNC are organizing classes, concerts, and marches to round out what usually goes into a stint of protesting, according to a post by Mark Memmott at USA Today’s On Politics. Also of note is that “one of the groups, We Are Change Colorado, says it will videotape protesters and police — and then post the clips on its Web site and on YouTube,” said Memmott.

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