TRAIL MIX: Political Campaign News from Newspaper Blogs

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Continuing our daily look at the latest from newpaper campaign blogs.

Breaking Barack Fashion News from Italy!
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Andrew Malcolm

?Jazzed-up shirts? are likely to be the newest addition to Obama?s closet, as Donatella Versace announced that her entire 2009 Spring/Summer Collection has been dedicated to the Illinois Senator, said Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times? Top of the Ticket. The line, which takes a no-tie approach, features ?rolled-up sleeves? and ?trousers with slick techno-fabric sheen.? Read more about Donatella?s fashion-forward endorsement and her new line at Malcolm?s post.

Flip-Flops Are Looking Like a Hot Summer Trend
The Caucus
New York Times
By John Harwood

Looks like Obama?s not the only one with fashion on the mind, as ?flip-flops are looking like a hot summer trend? across both campaigns, said John Harwood at The New York Times? The Caucus. But Harwood isn?t talking about the shoe variety of flip-flops, but rather the sort of ?flip-flopping,? he writes, that allows McCain to ?embrace the tax cuts he had opposed in the Senate? and Obama to make ?his own about-face when he scrapped the commitment he had recently reiterated to negotiate an agreement with Mr. McCain to remain within the public financing system for the fall campaign.? His post takes a look at some of the flippiest flip-flops of the campaign thus far and examines why the electorate may be more forgiving this time around.

Broder: How Well Do Voters Know Obama?
The Fix
Washington Post
By Chris Cillizza

How far are voters willing to trust Obama? The question is the crux of today?s post (scroll to ?Broder: How Well Do Voters Know Obama?? under Recent Posts) by Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post?s The Fix. The item takes a look at some of Obama?s recent decisions, such as his rejection of McCain?s suggestion to hold 10 town halls. Cillizza points to David Broder?s Sunday column which asks, ?Has (Obama) built sufficient trust so that his motives will be accepted by the voters who are only now starting to figure out what makes him tick?”

Political Perceptions: The Women of the GOP
Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
From the Wall Street Journal?s Capital Bureau

With Hillary out of the race, the fight for the female vote is on. And, as Obama ?woos all those women who supported Sen. Hillary Clinton,? perhaps McCain would best compete by picking a woman running mate, said The Wall Street Journal?s The Washington Wire. In today?s post, The Wire points to Politico?s David Paul Kuhn piece, which offers some possible female VP options. His picks for McCain?s consideration: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin; former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina; and Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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