TRAIL MIX: Today’s Best of Newspaper Political Blogs

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today’s highlights from newspaper political blogs.

Obama on Iran’s Missile Test
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmott

Following today’s news that Iran test-fired missiles, Obama said the United States needs to pursue “aggressive diplomacy that the Bush administration has not deployed,” said Mark Memmott in his post at the USA Today’s On Politics. As seen during Obama’s appearance on ?The Today Show? this morning, the Illinois Senator said this: “If we don’t, then we’re going to continue to see rising tensions that could lead into real problems.” As for the Republican presidential hopeful? McCain had earlier said the tests illustrate Iran’s “dangerous ambitions” as well as the need for “effective missile defense” and “multilateral diplomacy,” according to Memmott.

George McGovern Says McCain’s War Experience Not a Qualification for the White House
Political Intelligence
The Boston Globe
By Susan Milligan

On the heels of Gen. Wesley Clark’s comments regarding McCain’s experience in Vietnam, former Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern echoed the Clark’s sentiment that war experience is not a qualification for the White House. In an interview on Capitol Hill, McGovern said his World War II experiences didn’t qualify him for the top job and that the same goes for McCain, said Susan Milligan in her post at The Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence. “I don’t recall ever saying that experience as a bomber pilot equipped me to be very strong on how to run a war, how to command the armed forces,” said McGovern.

Convention Catering is One Tall Order
Politics West
The Denver Post

Petite chile rellenos, Haystack Mountain goat cheese tartlets, buffalo lollipops with chipotle barbecue sauce, mustard-crusted lamb chops and Coleman strip loin with sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions are just some of the items to be featured at the grand media party at Elitch Gardens on Aug. 23, one of the many events to dot the DNC party schedule, according to a post by The Denver Post’s Politics West. Good thing Larry DiPasquale, president of Epicurean Catering, is “unfazed by the idea of serving 15,000 members of the media at a marquee event, plus filling the plates at 60 to 70 other Democratic National Convention parties planned for the last week in August,” Politics West reports.

Can Iran Cigarette Jokes be Dangerous To McCain’s Political Health?
Top of the Ticket
The Los Angeles Times
By Maeve Reston

One would think McCain might’ve learned his lesson after getting “abundant grief last year for turning the words from the Beach Boys’ tune “Barbara Ann” into “Bomb Iran,” but the Arizona senator is back at it after an off-the-cuff ‘joke’ about how to off Iranians. According to a post by Maeve Reston at the Los Angeles Times, this is how it went down: “Tuesday while waiting with his wife Cindy for cheesesteaks during a trip to Pittsburgh’s Primanti Bros ? an Associated Press reporter asked McCain for comment on the news organization’s report that U.S. exports to Iran increased tenfold during the last seven years — with cigarettes ranking as the top export to Iran. ‘Maybe that’s a way of killing them,’ McCain responded. He quickly followed up, ‘I meant that as a joke, as a person who hasn’t had a cigarette in 28 years.'”

Democrats to Hold Major NYC Fundraiser
The Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
By John Bussey

Looking for a political-star sighting? Head to New York’s Regency Hotel tonight, where “roughly 100 deep-pocketed donors are expected to attend a $33,100-a-plate fundraiser,” according to a post by John Bussey at The Wall Street Journal’s The Washington Wire. Obama is scheduled to speak at the party, and former rival Hillary is set to make an appearance.

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