TRAIL MIX: Today’s Highlights from Newspaper Political Blogs

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Obama. McCain. McCain. Obama. Who’s on top? Who’s making headway? Who’s on first? E&P rounds up highlights from newspaper political blogs to help you stay in step with the race for president.

Our Favorite Barack Obama Rumors
Top of the Ticket
The Los Angeles Times
By Don Frederick

Barack Obama’s Fight the Smears Web site was set up to refute rumors about the candidate and his wife. Citing Christopher Beam’s recent article on Slate, Don Frederick at the L.A. Times’ Top of the Ticket points to the fact that “Obama and his aides should focus on perpetuating rumors they don’t want to correct.” Which rumors made the list? How about these: “Barack Obama wears a flag pin at all times. Even in the shower,” or “Barack Obama is patriotic. He has one hand over his heart at all times. He occasionally switches when one arm gets tired, which is almost never because he is strong,” and “Barack Obama has the Declaration of Independence tattooed on his stomach. It’s upside-down, so he can read it while doing sit-ups.”

A Clintonian at Fox
The Caucus
The New York Times
By Jim Rutenberg

“Howard Wolfson, who was a top strategist for the presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, is going where some Democrats were unwilling to go during the early days of the election season: the Fox News Channel,” says Jim Rutenberg in his post at The New York Times’ The Caucus. Fox is anticipated to announce as soon as today that it has signed Wolfson as a regular contributor on its programs. According to Rutenberg, Wolfson has said, “I thought that Fox’s coverage during the primary was comprehensive and fair and evenhanded as a regular contributor on its programs.”

What’s Up Tuesday: Courting Latinos
On Politics
USA Today
By Jill Lawrence

McCain and Obama continue to compete for Latino votes, though several polls show Obama winning them 2-to-1 over McCain. Today, both presidential candidates are set to speak to the League of United Latin American Citizens at its 79th annual convention in Washington, D.C., says Jill Lawrence in a post at the USA Today’s On Politics. McCain is expected to make his address midday and then will fly to Pittsburgh for an editorial board meeting, while Obama will appear at the convention in the late afternoon after holding a town hall in Powder Springs, Ga.

Webb Drops Out of Veepstakes
The Fix
The Washington Post
By Chris Cillizza

Vice-presidential contender Virginia Sen. Jim Webb voluntarily dropped his name from the list of people being considered for a spot on Obama’s ticket, says Chris Cillizza in his post at The Washington Post’s The Fix. This came as a “significant surprise to those closely monitoring the veepstakes” and “represents the second serious contender to take himself out of the vice presidential sweepstakes before they ever got under way (Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland removed himself last month),” according to Cillizza.

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