TRAIL MIX: Voter Registration Highest Since 1920, The Boss Serenades Obama Crowd in Ohio

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By: Suzanne Rosenberg

In today’s news from newspaper campaign blogs: Voter registration is at its highest since 1920, VP candidates “overly managed,” and The Boss serenades Ohio Obama supporters.

But will they vote?
On Politics
USA Today
By Jill Lawrence

Although the voter-registration level increase is relatively moderate (2.5%), it has nevertheless helped produce a record. The Center for the Study of the American Electorate, part of American University, projects that 153.1 million of the country?s eligible citizens are now registered to vote, or 73.5% of the population, more than the 1964 high of 72.1%, and the highest since at least 1920, when women were given the right to vote. Jill Lawrence of On Politics reports that Curtis Gans, the Center?s Director, points out that this is the second straight election with a significant registration increase.

Like Palin, Biden feels overly managed
The Trail
Washington Post
By Perry Bacon Jr.

Perhaps it is a problem that comes with campaigning for vice president, but while Biden was on the stump in Florida Sunday, Perry Bacon Jr. reported that Biden said of the teleprompter accompanying him at each venue that he hardly ever reads it, and ?they put it up to make me sound disciplined.? Biden reverted to more characteristic comments such as, ?Dick Cheney has been wrong about everything else for the last eight years. The man?s on a roll.? The audience roared when he said about Palin, ?John McCain?s got ?drill, baby, drill.? I?ve got Jill, baby, Jill,? referring to his wife who often attends rallies with him.

Springsteen sings for Obama in Cleveland
Washington Wire
The Wall Street Journal
By Amy Chozick

An audience of over 80,000 Obama supporters heard Bruce Springsteen play an acoustic ?This Land is Your Land? and ?The Rising,? among others. And according to Washington Wire?s Amy Chozick, he said to the audience while encouraging them to vote Obama on Tuesday, ?I spent 35 years writing ? about what it means to be an American. The nation needs someone with Senator Obama?s understanding, his temperedness, his deliberativeness, his maturity, his pragmatism, his toughness and his faith.? He went on to say, ?But most of all it needs us, it needs you, it needs me ? because all a nation has that keeps it together is the social contract between its people.? Obama came onstage with his wife Michelle and their daughters, and Springsteen stayed on stage with his wife, songwriter and E-Street Band member Patti Scialfa.

Whither Joe Lieberman after Tuesday?
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Leslie Hoffecker

Leslie Hoffecker on Sunday discussed the political future of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, and he?s not even on the ballot on Tuesday. Because Lieberman and Bernie Sanders of Vermont caucus with the Democrats they have been able to claim a thin majority 51-49, keeping the Democrats in power — which allows Lieberman to be chairman of the Committee of Homeland Security and Government Affairs. Lieberman was Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000 and is clearly a McCain-Palin supporter this year. A topic on more than one Sunday talk show yesterday was whether Lieberman will stay blue or go red for good? While Sen. Kerry of Mass. seemed to have no problem with him remaining a Democrat (NBC?s ?Meet the Press?), Sen. Charles E. Schumer of NY wasn?t so sure (CBS? ?Face the Nation?).

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