TRAILMIX for Friday: Best from Political Campaign Blogs

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Here’s our daily roundup of Election 2008 coverage from newspaper political blogs.

Obama & Clinton to Campaign Together Next Week
On Politics
USA Today
By Mark Memmot

Obama’s campaign announced this morning that Hillary will join him on the trail next week, said Mark Memmot at USA Today’s On Politics. According to the announcement posted by Memmot, “Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton announced today that they will campaign together on Friday, June 27th. Further details to be announced soon.” Click here and scroll to the post titled “Obama & Clinton to Campaign Together Next Week” to read the brief post.

CO Targeted in First Obama Ad
Politics West
Denver Post
By Curtis Hubbard

Obama’s first television ad in the general election begins today, with a commercial called “The Country I Love” set to air in18 states (Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia), said Curtis Hubbard of the Denver Post’s Politics West. Watch the ad, which outlines Obama’s younger years and highlights “how our shared values have shaped” his life, by clicking here.

McCain, Obama: Guns, Knife Fight and More
The Swamp
Baltimore Sun
By Jill Zuckman

While McCain may not be preparing to “bring a gun to a knife fight” — as stated by Obama earlier in the week — he targeted his rival’s position on taxes, health care, national security, and the Supreme Court’s recent decision on detainees, while speaking at a Minneapolis fundraiser last night, said Jill Zuckman at the Baltimore Sun’s The Swamp. In her post,

Zuckman points to McCain’s complaint about Obama’s use of a movie line to “stress his fighting skills.”

Meet the Republican VP Prospect: Charlie Crist
Washington Wire
Wall Street Journal
By Brad Haynes

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s recent flip-flop on offshore drilling is “fueling even more speculation about his vice-presidential ambitions,” said Brad Haynes at the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire. The governor’s shift in opinion aligns himself with McCain, while knocking himself “out of alignment with Floridians.” Haynes’ post highlights the role of Florida in the general election and touts a short bio of the governor.

As McCain Visits Canada Today, millions of them are down here!
Top of the Ticket
Los Angeles Times
By Andrew Malcolm

McCain is heading to Canada’s capital city today — that’s Ottawa, not Toronto — emphasizes LA Times’ Top of the Ticket Andrew Malcolm in today’s post which explores “a number of other things that Americans don’t know about Canada.” The crew over at The Ticket compiled this politics-infused photo gallery, featuring a medley of Canadian celebs and their political views.

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