‘Treason’ Cartoon Draws Strong Reaction

By: E&P Staff

A number of Tallahassee (Fla.) Democrat readers were upset with a cartoon saying that The New York Times’ motto is “All the Treason Fit to Print.”

The June 28 cartoon was by Mike Lester of the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune and Cagle Cartoons.

Lester drew Uncle Sam holding a copy of the Times that featured a front page with the headline “All the Treason Fit to Print” and the subhead “U.S. Anti-Terror Program: Details Inside.” Uncle Sam says “I hate getting American soldiers’ blood on my fingers,” as his hand drips red.

Democrat Associate Editor Mark Hohmeister, in a piece posted today on Tallahassee.com, said he chose to publish the cartoon even though he didn’t agree with it. He added that the letter that “really gave me second thoughts” was from former Democrat Publisher Carrol Dadisman, who wrote: “In more than 50 years of various responsibilities for newspapers and editorial pages, I’ve defended a lot of editorial cartoons. But this one is indefensible.”

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