Tribune Moves Miami TV Station Into Fort Lauderdale Newspaper’s Building

By: Joe Strupp

In what appears to be another cost-cutting move under the Sam Zell regime, Tribune Company is moving the broadcast operations of its Miami, Fla., television station into the building housing the South Florida Sun-Sentinel of nearby Fort Lauderdale.

In a release Wednesday, the company revealed plans for WSFL-TV to move its “broadcast and interactive operations” into the building that currently houses its Sun-Sentinel newspaper. The company contends it will “create a media powerhouse serving readers, viewers and advertisers.”

The release also cited what the company sees as positive aspects of the change, including creation of “a new and innovative content engine for WSFL?s on-air and online programming; more choices and greater market coverage for advertisers; increased efficiency for advertisers, who will have a single point of contact for all three properties; and unlimited cross-promotional activities.”

?This strategy is unprecedented in a major U.S. market,? Howard Greenberg, Sun-Sentinel president and publisher, said in a statement. ?This gives our print, broadcast and interactive operations the opportunity to work together to develop unique content and programming in a variety of areas. Plus, with this combination, there will be no better way for advertisers to reach more people with a consistent message.?

As part of the consolidation, Greenberg will become general manager of WSFL. No specifics about how the change might affect news coverage were revealed.

Ed Wilson, president of Tribune Broadcasting, said: ?This approach makes great sense for consumers and advertisers in South Florida, and keeps Greenberg busy and off the streets.?

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