Trio of Andean Orders for 3-by-2 manroland Uniset Presses

By: E&P Staff

German pressmaker manroland received three Uniset press orders from South American printers in the past year – Ecuadorian newspapers El Comercio, in Quito, and El Universo, in Guayaquil, and El Colombiano, Medellín, Colombia.

All ordered two-page-around models with three-page-wide plate cylinders. Two have a wider web width, enabling production of two, three or four pages across the web.

El Comercio‘s investment in the press it christened La Reina (the Queen) was part of a plant-modernization project that sought to entry to new market segments and growth in commercial printing. The Uniset’s third plate-inking roller, third ink-distributor roller, distributor roller cooling, segmented ink blades, parallel turner bars and magazine fold. Afford the versatility to expand product portfolios with supplements/inserts, magazines, books and printed advertising. Grupo El Comercio and manroland signed an agreement to cooperate on quality improvement, product optimization and experience exchange for the coming years.

In production for a year, El Universo‘s hybrid concept was designed to fill the needs of individual customers and met objectives for “growth in additional publications: newspapers for specific target groups, new editions of our tabloid newspaper Super, and magazines as inserts in our newspaper,” Production Manager Oscar Avila Medina said in a statement. “We also plan to penetrate and grow in the selected commercial market, mainly with products that can be inserted in our newspaper,” he continued, adding, “the press equipment makes it easier for us to start printing on other substrates apart from newsprint. This enables us to diversify our business.”

_To begin installing next January, El Colombiano‘s Uniset will be manroland’s first newspaper press in Colombia. The multimedia publishing company El Colombiano produces the daily of the same name, another daily and a weekly, all containing a range of magazines and supplements. Format and color constraints on its existing equipment led to a need for modernization to satisfy customers. Besides product/format flexibility and color quality, Managing Director Luis Miguel De Bedout cited contract printing for other publishers and commercial printing as objective that influenced the choice of press.

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