Trudeau Says His 1st Cartoon Inspired by Bush

By: E&P Staff

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, syndicated cartoonist Garry Trudeau recalls his former Yale classmate George W. Bush as “just another sarcastic preppy who gave people nicknames and arranged for keg deliveries.” He also claims Bush helped inspire his very first cartoon.

“Even then he had clearly awesome social skills,” said “Doonesbury” creator Trudeau, who served on a dormitory committee at Yale with the future president in the late 1960s. “He could also make you feel extremely uncomfortable … He was extremely skilled at controlling people and outcomes in that way. Little bits of perfectly placed humiliation.”

Trudeau said his first cartoon illustrated an article in the Yale Daily News on Bush, then a senior, and allegations that his fraternity had hazed incoming pledges by branding them with an iron. This, Trudeau said, caused The New York Times to interview Bush, who (in Trudeau’s memory) told the Times “it was just a coat hanger, and … it didn’t hurt any more than a cigarette burn.” Trudeau quipped: “It does put one in mind of what his views on torture might be today.”

A previous critic of both Democrats and Republicans, Trudeau told Rolling Stone that Bush has been “tragically, the best target” he’s had yet. “Bush has created more harm to this country’s standing and security than any president in history,” he said. “What a shame the world has to suffer the consequences of Dubya not getting enough approval from Dad.”

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