TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Ann Coulter’s Venom, Praise for Greg Mitchell, the ‘Santa Barbara News-Press’ Shake-Up

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, an Australian reader wants his country’s press to be more like Greg Mitchell, E&P story provides crucial information about ‘Santa Barbara News-Press, former syndicate member agrees with Dave Astor about Ann Coulter.


Aussie Press Ignores “Lickspittle-in-Chief”

Oh how we need your balls in Australia Greg [Mitchell. You think your editorial writers are weak? Try looking at the Australian press, despite the widespread belief among many Australians that Howard is Bush’s “Lickspittle-in-Chief”; a hairy chested rodent and camp follower on the war in Iraq.

Tom Brown
Burnie, Tasmania


E&P Coverage of ‘Santa Barbara News-Press’ Story Important

Thanks for your excellent interview with Jerry Roberts, recently resigned editor of the Santa Barbara News-Press, which has been widely circulated here via the Internet. Since the News-Press refuses to publish any news stories on this hot local issue, your article provides key information on what is really happening. This experience has made all of us newly aware of how crucial it is to have a local newspaper that covers local issues honestly and independently.

Bob Potter
Santa Barbara, Calif.


Former Syndicate Member Agrees With Astor on Coulter

I share your views and opinions about this latest crazy, Right Wing zealot and sometimes columnist, Ann Coulter who is truly “out there” like her counter-part, Bill O’Reilly. Do they actually think the vast majority of American newspaper readers either believe them or give a damn what they think? I was an editor long enough to understand that newspaper readers, Right or Left, Liberal or Conservative understand “mean-spirited” when they see it or read it. Thanks for taking her on in your own column.

If American newspaper readers could express their true wishes, perhaps what they are really wishing for in upcoming Coulter columns is that she finally offends one too many average person and finally goes away like other lunatic-fringe writers, and voices, of the past.

Robert R. Ferguson
Formerly of the Columbia Features and TMS syndicate

I am not a gifted writer and thus have never made any money publishing a book, but I am thrilled to find out I don’t have to be gifted — I just have to know how to read what some other person wrote, copy it, send it to you and it will be published – How much easier can it be — of course it is not ethical, but we can’t worry about that, now can we?

Naurine Pyle
Beaumont, Texas

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