TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Anti-Coulter Push, U.S. Colonel’s Suicide, Plame Case a ‘Media-Driven Sham’

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader thinks the Valerie Plame CIA Leak case was a “sham,” another thinks it indeed is “censorship” to encourage newspapers to drop Ann Coulter’s column, and a thought on the suicide death of a U.S. colonel in Iraq.


Anti-Coulter Campaign Is Censorship

Any attempt to intimidate someone or a group to prevent them from expressing an opinion is censorship, whether or not it is done by the government or not.

People who attempt to end debate on a subject always cloak themselves in platitudes, but ultimately are afraid they cannot compete in a free market of ideas.

Jill Henr
Aurora, Ill.


On a Colonel’s Suicide

It does not take a Colombo to figure out that this guy Westhusing was offed because he did not want to participate in the “public-private war crime and corruption partnership” in Iraq which has completely drained my nation of all of its material and economic reserves.

Nothing good has come of Iraq, and Hell is to begin being paid soon, beginning with a massive global economic collapse.

Tom Lowe


Plame Case a ‘Sham?’

Perhaps it is because this whole thing was a media-driven sham to begin with and even your peers are tired of the MSM’s hypocrisy in all this.

Let’s see if I have this right: It’s OK to publish “secret” military information about our efforts in the War on Terror, but it’s not OK to name a person who used to be (not currently) a CIA employee? Ms Plame could have written a book about her tenure at the agency and you would have praised her disclosures but somehow her “outing” herself is different. You are tuly dispicable.

Ronald Hamric

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