TUESDAY’S LETTERS: ‘Baghdad Bob’ to ‘Daffy Dick,’ NIE Survey, Ed of Year

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers respond to Greg Mitchell’s column comparing Dick Cheney to Iraq’s “Baghdad Bob,” questions about the recent NIE survey, and a readers who doesn’t agree with E&P’s choice of Earl Maucker as Editor of the Year.


From ‘Baghdad Bob’ to ‘D.C. Dick’

Your article about the new Baghdad Bob is hilarious.

When Cheney says about the war in Iraq, but we have in fact accomplished our objects, why does everyone assume he is talking about democracy and peace?

How do we not know that he is really saying that he has accomplished goals such as fomenting violent civil war to keep the world media and the world public distracted while Halliburton steals billions of dollars worth of oil a day?

Simon Seamount

I had a good laugh reading your “Baghdad Bob” piece. Great stuff. Thanks!

Speaking of Dick Cheney, here’s a piece that I think you’ll enjoy

Bernard Chazelle
Professor of Computer Science
Princeton University
Princeton, N.J.

I enjoyed your article on Cheney, but you have it wrong on who Baghdad Bob is. Don’t you ever listen to Tony Snow? I think this link tells it all.

Carl Moore
Raleigh, N.C.

How about “Daffy Dick”?

H. Michel

What a delightful article. Cheney is beyond shame. And beyond delusional.

Don Weadon
Washington, D.C.


‘Scuzzball’ Reporters

After my four-year-old sister was run over by a car, one of the scuzzball reporters grabbed a doll and shoved it at my six-year-old brother and said “Your sister’s dead!”

The tearful pictures of an inconsolable boy clutching the doll made the front page of the New York Daily News the next day with a big spread inside as well: April 13, 1950. It’s about time somebody stopped those ruthless thugs from victimizing victims over and over again!

Karen Norton


Regarding the ‘Newspapers in Education’ Survey

Did the survey folks visit schools in Los Angeles, New York and other urban areas where there’s limited computer access in overcrowded classrooms? As the founder and publisher of L.A. Youth, the nonprofit newspaper written by and about teens, we know our publication is used by more than 1,400 teachers in both middle and senior high schools. Teachers and students are eager for our content — personal stories focusing on immigrant issues, gang violence, schools, health/mental problems and many other topics. For the past 14 years the Los Angeles Times has donated printing of 120,000 copies six times a year. A great investment on their part for future readers, though it will be the Internet, not traditional mainstream newspapers today’s teens will eagerly seek for their news.

Donna C. Myrow
Executive Director/Publisher
L.A. Youth
Los Angeles, Calif.


On E&P’s ‘Editor of the Year’ Earl Maucker

For a fishwrapper that runs an embarassing proportion of syndicated copy, any [South Florida Sun-Sentinel] editor’s biggest decision might be which other newspapers’ product to run. Lame choice!

Ken Karp

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