TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Brief Thoughts on War, Protest and Revisionist Thinking

By: E&P Staff

A few quick thoughts from some of our readers:


The statement of W.J. Parker (see last item below) that “Harold was obviously a liberal, who by nature are slower, like on National defense, patriotism, and courage” is sickening. We don’t know if this man was a liberal or not, and it doesn’t matter. He was a father, a husband, and a friend, and now he’s dead. That W.J. Parker is unable to show any respect for the family of a dead man shows how morally bankrupt these pro-war wingnuts are.

Welcome to George Bush’s America, where political disagreements escalate into shoot-outs, and bullies like W.J. Parker feel justified in pissing on corpses. God help us all.

L. Zhito
Nashville, Tenn.


Re: Account of Iraq War Protestor’s Meeting With Bush Draws Scrutiny

This courageous and charismatic woman is just what the flaccid Democratic Party needs!

RT Carpenter
Lynn Haven, Fla.


In response to Greg Mitchell’s recent series of articles commemorating the 60th anniversary of the first uses of the atomic bomb, a reader wrote the following:

We don’t need revisionism. Mr. Mitchell is full of it!

Does he want to talk about what the Japanese did to POW’s and civilian internees like myself?

Any time he wishes. Otherwise, shut up!

Marc Foorman


Re: Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War, Press and Police Call It a First

“Moore said police had told him not to discuss his feelings about the Iraq war.”

So, are we talking about the suppression of free speech and personal opinion here?

Robert Dezendorf
White Springs, Fla.


“The dead man was apparently just a little slower in firing…”

Harold was obviously a liberal, who by nature are slower, like on National defense, patriotism, and courage.

WJ Parker

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