TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Cheers for Mitchell’s Richard Cohen Column

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More praise for Greg Mitchell’s column on Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen’s Iraq flip-flop.


[Greg Mitchell has] done a great job reporting on how Cohen got it wrong, and Hedges got it correct.

However, who is watching the long-term? …

Bush lied to start his war, Bush bungled the invasion, screwed up the occupation, and has no plan for the returning war veterans. And neither does society, which is becoming much more opposed to the failed war.

Paul Sullivan


I remember Richard Cohen and Bill Buckley before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Both have since changed their minds about Iraq. I am willing to cut some slack with them on Iraq because of my stand on Vietnam. In 2005 and 2006 I supported the war. My reason was simple. Our foreign policy was the cold war crusade against communism. I had visited Yugoslavia and couldn’t picture anybody freely choosing communism. When I learned the complete history ov the Vietnamese first fighting for independence from France, and then the unification elections that weren’t held, I changed my mind. I believe that both Cohen and Buckley honestly believed that Saddam Hussein was connected to 9/11 and had WMD. When they found out that they were lies, they changed their opinion. I do agree that both could be more honest about this.

Ken Mitchell


Thanks for your article on this war-hungry man, Richard Cohen. Keep exposing these White House tools every chance you get. This is the only way.

I hope you can do something on Howard Fineman of Newsweek. Remember his (Fineman’s) quote; “We have had controversial wars that divided the country.This war united the country and brought the military back”.

Keep exposing them Greg.


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