TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Iran Claims From Anonymous Sources, McCain Bristles, ‘Gannon’ on Press Room Softballs

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers respond to articles in the New York Times and Washington Post trumpeting administration claims of Iranian involvement in Iraq, another questions if John McCain is too sensitive to criticism, and Jeff Gannon/James Guckert writes in about a recent E&P piece that mentioned him.


McCain Bristles at ‘Wash Post’ Criticism

If he is furious about this mild criticism, imagine what he would be if the press reported on the real story about his time as a prisoner of war. He who says torture doesn’t work has a short memory since it appears to have worked on him. He signed the documents and made recordings for his captors. Maybe most of us would have done that too, but to allow himself to be labeled a “war hero” over and over and over even in his presence is a bit much. There were prisoners who never cooperated and were beaten, starved and tortured to death for it. The odd part is that he, himself, probably would tell the truth if asked. I think I heard him do that many years ago. If that is true, then there is a record of it and some research could reveal it.

Nanit Noyb


Newspapers Trumpet Anonymous Iran Claims on A1

As a follow up to your story: I thought you’d like to know that the L. A. Times has joined as well.

Even though the Times was a day late on this story, and had the advantage of reviewing the previous day’s articles and analysis, they still chose to title its version in the most biased manner possible: “U.S. makes case that Iran arms flow into Iraq.”

That’s not “tried” to make the case, or “presses” the case, but the Times states flatly that the case was “made.” The body of the story was much less declaratory. In fact, it introduced a fair amount of skepticism from both independent and government sources. Too bad the headline was so misleading. It really makes me wonder if the media has learned anything from its mistakes in the run-up to the war in Iraq. Or worse, that it doesn’t concede any mistakes and is joining the Bush administration’s march into the new battlefields in Iran.

Mark Howard
News Corpse

This isn’t a letter to the editor. This is a question of your sanity. It seriously looks like you are writing an [article] questioning Iranian involvement in Iraq and hiding behind the skirt of Paul Krugman (of all people) to do it!

There is plenty journalistically to write about when reporters willingly write front page stories without attribution. I’m not in favor of it any more than Bernard Kalb is and he’s a rabid Bush hater (by his own admission). But using Paul Krugman?? The guy is an economist who does a weekly diatribe against Bush each week for a living.

The guy quoted the ‘downing street memo’ which no reputable news outlet is willing to stand behind and neither the US or UK will either. Yet you just let this slide? You are putting your name above a hysterical polemic accusing the President of not only lying about going into Iraq but also plotting to start wars for reasons which cannot be rationally fathomed (oil, revenge, Miss Cleo maybe?).

Why would you put this insanity under your masthead? Are you guys really so over the edge that Paul Krugman seems reasonable? I realize that none of you vote Republican but nobody else in the business does either.

Seriously, salvage your souls. Paul Krugman doesn’t have his own anymore and he could end up losing yours as well.

Bruce Pyle
Las Vegas, Nev.

The most obvious reason for insisting on anonimity is to protect themselves from a war crime indictment for blatantly passing phony intelligence as a rationale to attack Iran. Kurt Nimmo has already debunked one of the mortars as not possibly being manufactured in Iran and instead possibly coming from Pakistan. Apparently no one wants to take the fall for sanctioning a nuclear holocaust with phony evidence.

It is disgraceful that the media would post those articles without aggressively challenging the claims when the stakes are so high and when they were duped into baseless war hysteria just a couple of years ago.

Aaron Bradley

Do you know if anyone has done an analysis showing how much of what was said on Sept 8, 2002 by Gordon-Miller is an accurate reflection of the 2002 Iraq NIE (notwithstanding that NIE’s shortcoming) and how much was from Feith et al.?

Henry Myers
Peaks Island, Maine

Thank you for having the integrity to question the New York Times and Washington Post giving headline coverage to anonymous claims by the Bush administration’s continuing pattern of lying to the American people to justify their attempts to control the Middle East and (in the case of Iran) protect Israel. My father is Jewish so I’m not an anti-Semite.

If we drop cluster-bombs on Iran, we will face new unprecedented hatred and animosity from Arab countries. I am furious about so-called elite newspapers like the Times and Washington Post not questioning Bush’s motives.

I have written over and over again to the New York Times about their reporting on the war. I was partiuarly furious when Michael Gordon appeared on the Charlie Rose show with General Kean (one of the architects of the surge from AEI) to promote the surge.

Papers wonder why they’re in trouble? People no longer trust them. I have repeatedly asked my husband to cancel our Sundy subscription to the Times. They are pro-Wall street, pro-corporate, and pro-Israel.

I would like to read a newspaper and I sometimes read ours daily. But, all in all, papers are contributing to their own demise. They are out of touch with the average person.

Mary Lewin


‘Gannon’: No Softballs

You’re so wrong about the softball stuff, but it’s always good to know you are thinking of me.

Jeff Gannon (a.k.a. James Guckert)

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