TUESDAY’S LETTERS: ‘LAT’ and Rumsfeld, Pat Tillman’s Religion

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader thinks that if Donald Rumsfeld were to guest-edit a section of the LA Times it should be from Guantanamo, and another thinks it should be made clearer that Pat Tillman was “probably an atheist.”


Rumsfeld as Rumored ‘LA Times’ Guest Editor

Ever since the right-wing, bond-clipping, John Birch Society side of the Chandler family (mortally opposed to their late, liberal cousin, Otis Chandler, who led the paper to greatness) sold out the LA Times to the Tribune Co. of Chicago in 2000 in a stock swap to avoid capital gains taxes, the paper has been spiraling rightward and downward toward mediocrity. The LA Times still has some great reporters, but the editorial page has become a joke of grand, neocon Rotary Club proportions.

And now David Hiller, the Tribune’s new interloping publisher of the LA Times [wanted] his former “squash partner,” Donald “the War Criminal” Rumsfeld, to guest-edit?

Rumsfeld [should have been set to perform] his editorial duties from behind bars in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay.

David Wyles
Playa Del Rey, Calif.


The Real Pat Tillman Cover-Up

The real cover-up continues to be that Pat Tillman was non-religious. He was probably an atheist. That aspect of his life never gets mentioned because the Christians and right-wing in this country get so angry and unnerved whenever an atheist is reported to be brave, unselfish, law-abiding, patriotic, and that they fought for their country to preserve our unique forms of freedom. It messes with their heads.

Non-religious people are by-the-way good, brave, unselfish, law-abiding, and patriotic — just like Pat Tillman.

It happens hypocritically all-the-time that the Christian religion of a hero gets examined, hyped, and indulged in per pundit commentary upon their death. But the personal guide of carefully arrived at beliefs for an atheist in a foxhole who fights and dies bravely for the cherished freedom of belief for all people, that still remains unmentionable.

J. Scott Taylor

The Plame Game

On page 18 of the USA edition of this week’s Time, here is exactly what they said: “Plame lashes out at the White House”. Only one sentence about a rather important congressional appearance.

Just an FYI for your staff and food for thought.

Steve Hedrick
Orlando, FL, USA

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