TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Papers’ Circ Moves Laughable?, Caring for Vets

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader thinks that bias is the reason for falling circulation, and a former VA staffer wants more investigating into military hospitals.


Newspapers’ Attempts to Boost Circ Laughable?

As a man on the street, I have to laugh at the way these folks are trying to boost circulation! Honestly, it’s the 100% wrong approach and these newspeople just don’t want to know.

People would rush to the local outlet or newstand if the message was not so one-sided.

Let me illustrate with an example of recent news coverage. I am someone who daily goes to Google News, and I was stunned to see the massive news coverage of the gay evangelical outed before the 2006 elections.

Contrast that with the recent arrest of Charles Rust-Tierney, president of ACLU Virginia and kids sports coach, caught with the worst kind of child abuse videos. Digusting and vile, right?

Shocking! Made for wide news coverage. Yet none of your esteemed newspapers chose to pick up the AP story!

This is the main reason people choose not to pick up the paper. Editors are one-sided in terms of what they will cover, and that has cost them the massive decline in circulation. The Rust-Tierney case is one of many stories, from war coverage to religion and many other things. The newspapers will never change, and that’s why they will soon be gone if they don’t.

David Booth
Pittsford, N.Y.


More Related to the Walter Reed Hospital Scandal

I just retired from Albany Medical Center which is diagonal to one of the biggest disgraces in the N.Y. area.

The V.A. Hospital probably has more beds than St.Peters and AMCH combined. It is fully staffed and has almost no patients. Please look into this boondoggle as our vets deserve the best — not just better.

Martin Smith

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