TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Picayune Pulitzer Plaudits, NYT/Geraldo Debate and More

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s lively installment of letters, readers respond to previous letters — which we always welcome — and debate the Geraldo Rivera/New York Times dispute. Enjoy.


In Monday’s letters column, Berkeley Breathed wrote:

“The irony is that the very thing that should be utilized to better stem the broken levee of newspaper circulation is spice and edge.

And that is exactly what so many publishers run from. Off the cliff, some of us suspect.”

Further irony is that this was exactly what made the newspaper industry the pinnacle of media to begin with. Now that the industry has done such a wonderful job of systemic self-destruction by wiping out all competition, where we have nothing but one newspaper towns and JOAs, editors and publishers today have completely lost sight of their own history … along with any semblance of guts or just plain common sense. You’re not losing readers by upsetting them. You’re losing readers because you’re boring them.

No guts, no glory. And no new readers.

Wiley Miller
Non Sequitur


Ed’s Note: The following is in response to Monday’s letters column, second from the top:

Just a quick note to H. Michael Sarkisian of Sacramento, Calif.: First, regarding the reporting of 10,000 possibly dead in New Orleans. In every reference to this that I have seen in the media, the number estimated has always been by a public servant. The press has not made this estimate, only reported what others have estimated.

And as to criticizing the President, try this quote out: “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

The problem is not that the media has been criticizing Bush too much, it’s that the media, in the wake of 9/11, has been too timid in calling this man’s errors out.

Ken Anderberg
Editor, Communications News
Nokomis, Fla.


Pulitzer Prize Plaudits for the Picayune

Someone should nominate The Times-Picayune for its coverage of the infrastructure needs over the years regarding levees and the dangers of a storm like Katrina — which sounded the warnings — as well as their heroic response to the need for real journalism under fire in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Simply amazing.

Suzanne DeBolt
Signal Mountain, Tenn.


Re : Kurtz Backs Geraldo in NYT Dispute

The New York Times’ Bill Keller should go back to journalism school for a refresher course on style and usage. At the very least, he should dig out and dust off his apparently new copy of William Strunk’s The Elements of Style. As it appears to me, it would not be appropriate nor possible to “insinuate” oneself “between a wheelchair-bound storm victim and the Air Force rescuers”. At the very least, one would rather “interpose” oneself between them.

A small point, no doubt, but, if the small points are wanting, can anyone really believe the comments drawn on the larger canvas?

Stephen M. Sader


The comment on the part of Mr. Rivera regarding his actions if Ms. Stanley were to be a male reporter, fails to do justice for his apparent claim of innocence. Consciously, for him to make a statement like that suggests that in his mind, a scenario or desire of assaulting Ms. Stanley was indeed played out. Therefore, what would have subsequently prevented him from nudging the Air Force officer out of the way? The most heated of denials, coupled with ad hominem counter-attacks often indicates a guilty conscience.

Armands Chagnon


At least Geraldo Rivera was there doing something to help the Katrina victims. Where was Ms. Stanley? In her ivory tower watching T.V.?

Tom Glowacki


Concerning Mr. Keller’s comment that “Ms. Stanley would have been justified in assuming brute force” in regards to Mr. Rivera, someone should bring up to Mr. Keller that making assumptions should never be a factor in accurate journalism.

Rev. Dr. William J Pantin
Bangalore, India


My Pet Goat? Please!

Just curious, what did you do for a living before becoming a moonbat? Perhaps you missed whatever calling you have.

I know that you will give a free pass to the utterly incompetent Mayor Nagin and the dumbstruck Governor Blanco as they stood transfixed as they watched their responsibilities pour into the low-lying neighborhoods. It’s always best to try to blame Bush whenever a Democrat drops the ball.

Apparently ‘Editor & Publisher’ is located in a low-lying neighborhood. Keep bailing; maybe something will stick.

David S Marshall
Cumming Ga.

Ed’s Note: For an explanation of what a “moonbat” is, should one be desired or needed, turn to Wikipedia.

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