TUESDAY’S LETTERS: Truth and Fiction in the News

By: E&P Staff

Re: ‘Wash Post’ Guild Leaders Want Paper Out Of Sept. 11 ‘Freedom Walk’

Let me see if I understand the situation correctly. The Washington Post giving free ad space for public service announcements in honor of veterans is a pro war bias. Backing out of the event at the request of two groups whose sole basis of existence is anti-war is not. And the leadership committee of the union decides on the behalf of its 1,400+ members without a vote that they shouldn’t do it either but everyone should get an extra day off that is not in their contract. I swear you just can’t make stuff like this up. Truth is better than fiction.
David J Horchak
Circulation Director
The Herald/The Herald Press


Re: Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war protest:

Standing up to the government when you believe they’re wrong is not a crime. Just the opposite, it is admirable. The Declaration of Independence decrees this as more than our right, but our duty.

President Bush has sent young Americans into harm’s way based on “fixed facts.” People are dying and being maimed for reasons that never existed.

On top of the Americans who’ve been killed, 24,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed, 20% of whom are women and children.

Futhermore, Americans and the world are not safer because of Bush’s unilateral decision to attack Iraq.

God bless Cindy Sheehan for her courage and conviction to ask this President for justification for what he’s done. Sheehan has earned the right to do so.

Gliela Woods

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