TUESDAY’S LINKS: Broad/Burkle and Tribune, U.K. Papers Buy Google Terms, Blogging Reporters

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, some major bidders are set to step up to the plate to vie for Tribune, Mark Patinkin laments the fading prospects for print newspapers, and David Carr wonders if his blogging has made him too accessible to readers.


Eli Broad and Ron Burkle set to decide whether their unlikely partnership should go forward in serious pursuit of the Tribune Company. (New York Times)

Chandlers may bid for Tribune as last resort. (Los Angeles Times)

Mark Patinkin: I’ll miss having a newspaper in my hands. (Providence Journal)

Sonya Huber-Humes: I wonder whether we are equipping journalism students to become the kind of thoughtful, creative reporters we need to help us make sense of an increasingly chaotic world. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Gatehouse Digital Chief Howard Owens: I don?t think many people grasp how much we can learn from blogging about how the way people consume information is changing. (College Media Innovation)

Frank Ahrens: What happened in Orange County may prove a lesson for Tribune, the L.A. Times and much of the rest of the industry. (Washington Post)

British newspapers are buying search words on Google Inc. so that links to their Web sites pop up first when people type in a search. (Wall Street Journal)

David Carr: Having a blog makes me approachable, reader-friendly and engaged. Perhaps too engaged. (New York Times)

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