TUESDAY’S LINKS: Dow Jones News Feed for Traders, the Press and Coulter, Anna Nicole Coverage Is the Future

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Gannett executives lose some of their perks in cost-cutting measures, an Italian journalist goes missing in Afghanistan, and Dow Jones launches a new “elementized” news feed.


Top Gannett executives are also feeling the heat. How so? Beginning next year, ?the Company will no longer provide its senior executives with any allowance for home security systems or club membership fees.? (Footnoted)

Book publishers in recent years have moved away from buying ads in standalone book-review sections in favor of paying to stack mounds of books in the front of chain bookstores. (Wall Street Journal)

Jack Shafer: As long as respectable forums like TV talk shows, New York publishers, and CPAC continue to give her a platform, the press won’t be able to leave Ann Coulter alone. (Slate)

Carl Hiassen: Anna Nicole coverage is the new New Journalism. We have seen the future, and it’s in the gutter. (Miami Herald)

Dow Jones is planning to launch an elementized news feed for algorithmic trading. (Smart Money)

The future of journalism is not as bleak as we are led to believe — that was the message last night at the Kalb Report, a forum that asks leaders in the worlds of media and politics to comment on the issues facing their fields (Emerson University Daily Colonial)

An italian journalist is missing in Afghanistan. (Reuters)

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