TUESDAY’S LINKS: New Anschutz Daily Set to Launch in Baltimore

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By: E&P Staff

Anschutz Ready to Launch Baltimore ‘Examiner’
A decade after the demise of The Evening Sun, the city’s last afternoon publication, Baltimore will again be a two-newspaper town with tomorrow’s launch of The Examiner, a free tabloid aimed primarily at the region’s most affluent residents.

Newspapers Continue to See Increases Online
The newspaper industry may be afflicted with declining circulation, falling stock prices and for-sale signs, but two reports issued yesterday suggest newspapers can find new hope in their Web sites.

McClatchy’s Mini-Google Strategy
For Christian Hendricks, who will oversee the combined company’s Internet operations and some 500 staffers (before layoffs), the Internet strategy is very much local. Take a look at some of the local sites that McClatchy is starting to roll out and essentially you’ll see that they’re a Craigslist meets CitySearch-like service, behind a Google-like facade.

Mexican Papers Launch Investigation Into Missing Journos
Dozens of Mexican newspapers frustrated by fruitless police probes of slain and missing journalists simultaneously published the first in a series of reports on the cases yesterday.

Oppel: ‘Newspapers Defending Us From Tyranny’
“In a good fight with big government, the bloggers can’t hold the jackets of newspaper people because they lack shoe-leather experience and the financial resources of a newspaper to pursue and endure,” writes Rich Oppel. “Further, magazines have become frothy, and TV news has been crippled by fragmentation. The business of journalism will change; but the journalism of journalism needs to hold up.”

News Consumers Looking for Daily Affirmation According to Study
University of Chicago scholars Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse M. Shapiro find that if a media outlet cares about its reputation for accuracy, it will be reluctant to report anything that counters the audiences’ existing beliefs because such stories will tend to erode the company’s standing. Newspapers and news programs have a visible incentive to “distort information to make it conform with consumers’ prior beliefs.”

The Trouble With Citizen Journalism
“However wrapped in idealism, citizen journalism forms part of a larger attempt to degrade, even to disenfranchise journalism as practiced by trained professionals,” writes Samuel Freedman. “I appreciate the access that citizen journalism provides to first-hand accounts of major events. Yet I recognize those accounts are less journalism than the raw material, generated by amateurs, that a trained, skilled journalist should know how to weigh, analyze, describe, and explain.”

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