TUESDAY’S LINKS: Slo-Mo Ad Growth, Blogging Journalists, ‘NY Times’ Editor Bill Keller Weighs in on ‘Civil War’

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Dana Hull wonders how bloggers and journalists will find a middle ground, Jack Shafer tries to make sense of the Wall Street Journal’s new design, and online ads are set to grow faster than their print counterparts next year.


Dana Hull: Does the inherent tension between the blogosphere?s anything-goes ethos and the standards of traditional journalism mean this relationship is doomed? (American Journalism Review)

Timothy Noah: The Dec. 4 New York Times contains the single stupidest sentence to appear in that newspaper since I began reading it more than three decades ago. (Slate)

Jack Shafer: Making sense of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ publisher’s preview. (Slate)

Troubling ’07 forecast for the old-line media but not for the online. (New York Times)

Philly talks focused on mailers’ union. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

‘New York Times’ editor Keller weighs in on the question of calling Iraq a “civil war.” (On the Media)

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