TUESDAY’S LINKS: The Effects of Online Feedback, ‘WSJ’ and the Bartiromo Affair, and Tribune Speculation

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, New York Times ME Jill Abramson and Gary Kamiya talk about how the Internet is continuing to change newspapers and journalism, Jack Shafer wonders what the Wall Street journal is really trying to say beween the lines in its articles about CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, and Tribune shares rise on speculation that executives will attempt their own buyout.


New York Times Managing Editor Jill Abramson: The Internet has made us more creative and more competitive in many ways. (Yale Herald)

Gary Kamiya: Massive online feedback has rocked writers and changed journalism forever. (Salon)

Mark Glaser: Management at the Los Angeles Herald-Gazette newspaper today unveiled an earth-shattering initiative to combine operations of the newspaper and its Internet site ? a change that was crucial to ensuring that the Herald-Gazette appears to finally ?get? the web. (MediaShift)

Jack Shafer: What is the Wall Street Journal really trying to say about the relationship between Maria Bartiromo and ousted Citigroup executive Todd Thompson? (Slate)

Shares of Tribune Co. rose Monday on news of a plan to boost classified advertising on its Web sites and speculation that executives were trying to put together their own buyout offer. (Newsday)

A heartwarming New York Times soccer story kicks off a Hollywood fight. (Wall Street Journal)

Marketers are turning to unusual, often little-known personalities who offer the kind of novelty and freshness that young people might blog about, link to and comment on in chats: in other words, make viral on the Internet. (New York Times)

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