Turn Local Readers Into Contributors

By: Press Release | VideoBuilder

A service that enables readers to submit mobile captured video and photo directly to their local newspapers launches today.

PressApp (www.pressapp.tv) is a content management system that enhances the capabilities of newspaper’s existing mobile apps.  Once activated, editorial teams can use it to request, receive, moderate and publish video and photo from readers.  Successful content contributors receive a thank you message for their content, along with a link to where it has been added to the newspaper site, which when shared on social networks drives new pre-qualified visitors back to the newspaper’s site.

Newspaper publishers can also use PressApp to deliver video previews about news items or editions direct to their local readers’ mobiles, helping drive newsstand sales.   Geo-fences can also be set up in PressApp, allowing advertising to be delivered to readers’ mobiles when they enter pre-set destinations within the locality, such as retail outlets, local events, high streets, tourist destinations or towns.
PressApp also includes a location-based advertising feature which classified ad-sales teams can use to extend their print and web classified offerings on to mobile.

“PressApp gives newspaper publishers a practical way to start two way conversations with their local mobile communities without integration or development costs.  It makes what are often quite dreary “page-turning” apps a great deal more interesting and it’s also incredibly scalable.  It can be rapidly deployed across dozens of newspaper apps”, said Richard Counsell, CEO of Videobuilder.  

PressApp works with mobile apps on all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia.  It also allows content to be published direct to platforms such as Atex, Brightcove, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and WordPress.

Newspaper publishers without mobile apps can also use PressApp to create them, powered by their existing digital content feeds.

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